Thursday, October 23, 2014

Driscoll's stories at Gateway in light of his penchant for historical revisionism

Now Wenatchee The Hatchet is fairly confident that Mark Driscoll's wife and children have faced hardship and emotionally unpleasant experiences living with the man.  That's not in question.  However, cumulatively the public appearance and the stories Driscoll shared have so far been largely difficult to independently verify.  In the case of the rock throwing incident Dori Monson has established a general inability of officials at Woodway to state that anything Driscoll described happened where rock-throwing goes. 

Given Mark Driscoll's inability to remember such basic things as whether there were kids at the start of Mars Hill or not, it's not that some of these things couldn't have happened (Monson has suggested some of the incidents could have happened but that based on reports from Woodway they'd have had to have happened elsewhere or more than several months ago).  The problem is that by now Mark Driscoll has been shown to have revised his public statements about what things happened and why.
We can't be sure that he's even keeping his own story straight with his earlier versions of the history of Mars Hill these days.  The narrative of Real Marriage cast a basic doubt on the veracity of the earlier narrative presented from the pulpit from about, oh, 2002 to 2011.  While Driscolls have moved three times in the last fourteen years if Mark Driscoll implied that they moved three times in the recent "season" over safety that seems like an unusually finessed account.

If Dori Monson doubts the veracity of a couple of claims in the Mark Driscoll account at the Gateway conference he's probably not alone.  In fact Driscoll's penchant for historical revisionism as documented by Wenatchee The Hatchet can seem so sweeping that sometimes it seems there's a loss for a point of comparison if we're talking about how a person might deploy words as a way to influence the decisions and actions of others. In moments of weakness Wenatchee has wondered about a ... possibility, drawn from the realms of television, such as ... this little angel (not revealed until after the break)