Friday, May 17, 2013

Scott Thomas and Ray Ortlund Gospel Coalition connection? Well, we'll have to wait and see.
Scott has been prettly friendly with Ray Ortlund, a pastor of an A29 Church in Nashville. It also may be noted that Ortlund's church, has been looking for an executive pastor since January,
This may be why he disappeared from the Journey. Just a thought
It's possible.  When Ray Ortlund wrote the following blog post about the scoffer he mentioned that nobody with a claim to being hurt, however wounded, has the right to disrupt the blood-bought peace of a church.  See below.

Sometimes people overreach in this way because they claim they have been hurt.  But no one, however wounded, has the right to disrupt the blood-bought peace of a church.  The sacred wounds of Christ overrule all others.  Moreover, in today’s climate of victimization, hurt can, in fact, be hate.  Elders are responsible to discern this and confront it, even if the person offending is a long-standing member and a personal friend.

Whether or not this is the same Scott Thomas who headed up the EIT at Mars Hill in 2007 cannot be established but the username "Scott Thomas" agreed with Ortlund's sentiment.

Scott Thomas 
June 7, 2012 at 8:47 AM

May we, as elders, courageously lead our board meetings, staff meetings, elder meetings and private meetings with this spirit.

You have rightly said, “No one, however wounded, has the right to disrupt the blood-bought peace of a church. The sacred wounds of Christ overrule all others.” If we feel the need to take up the offense and hurt of anyone, it should be of Christ.

Thank you for your insight with its anchor on the Gospel.

So if a Scott Thomas ends up as an elder or in ministry in some capacity at Ortlund's church the anonymous commenter may have spotted an actual connection.  At the moment, of course, we can't really know.  Normally Wenatchee does not bother to demonstrate even the basic plausibility of comments from anonymous people but in this case a possible Ray Ortlund/Scott Thomas connection might actually be possible to go by published comments at Ortlund's post linked above.


For those curious about the role Scott Thomas played in MH history feel free to follow tagged posts in the governance and real estate and Mars Hill series. 


Wendy said...

Wow. That is an awful dichotomy that God Himself certainly does NOT set up.

Anonymous said...

Jeannie and I bought a home in Nashville, TN yesterday. With God's grace and strength, we are following a calling to plant a church in West Nashville (starting in Bellevue), train church planters, coach pastors and pastoral couples, and shepherd a new gospel-centered, Christ-exalting, leader-developing, missional church for the next 20 years.

We started a non-profit corporation, Plant Nashville, and formed a board with two Acts 29 church leaders, Axis (Jeremy Rose) and Immanuel (Ray Ortlund and Bob Pedde). We seek to serve Greater Nashville by leading, training and planting.

Please pray for us. We are raising our own support as we gather a core to join us on mission. I am booking Gospel Coach events and offering coaching partnerships as tent-making means in the next 12 months.

Thanks for your love and support all these years,

Scott & Jeannie

Anonymous said...


Cracks me up. There is a church on every corner in Nashville. Just what they DON'T need is yet another church.

What they need are actual Christians.

Anonymous said...

"Cracks me up. There is a church on every corner in Nashville."

Apparently no "gospel-centered" churches in Atlanta, Georgia either...

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

The update is nonetheless informative, even if it looks like a cut-and-paste missive.

Of potential interest, some documentation of Scott Thomas' correspondence during the 2007 firings when he was head of the EIT.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Nashville sure doesn't seem like it's full of unreached people.

Mike Gunn's been working with people attempting to do evangelism with people groups that haven't had previous evangelistic efforts, last Wenatchee checked. Would be more likely to suggest someone provide support to another church planter or network than one Scott Thomas is involved in presently, in case there was any doubt about that. Just a suggestion, of course.