Friday, May 17, 2013

Jim West: Twitter theology that makes me sigh

Which theological tweet?
"The Bible is written mostly by three murderers, so don't say God can't save anyone." -Alex Early Preach the Word 2013: Missional Preaching

Conceivably from a conference, blogged about here.

West, in his inimitably sweet style writes the following:

Ostensibly Moses, David, and Paul are meant- but the tweet and the comment it elicited both show an astonishing ignorance of critical scholarship and an absolute blindness to the simple truth that the Bible is, by and large, utterly anonymous.  Moses is only said to author the Pentateuch in a tradition based on no biblical evidence; David is not even claimed to be the author of all the Psalms in any tradition; and Paul didn’t write any of the Gospels, Catholic Epistles, or Revelation, which make up the bulk of the New Testament.

In all, it’s just another bit of ignorant twitter theology that makes me sigh.  And what makes me sigh even more is that Moore, an educator, should surely know better.

West is apparently very negatively impressed with the tweeted observation attributed to Mars Hill Church's new Ballard lead pastor, Alex Early.  Not a huge surprise, at all, for anyone who's read West's blog and has some background on Mars Hill.  :)  Of course it might be proposed that even if one accepted that Paul did write the Catholic epistles the rest of the observation stands.  Paul was in agreement with people who killed Stephen, according to Luke, but Paul using judicial means to have Christians persecuted doesn't fit the kind of murder that Moses and David were described as committing.  Even a conservative evangelical could point out that Early's axiom is problematic all around.  Most readers would presume Early's reference to David deals with Uriah the Hittite and not scores of unnamed villagers during David's time maurauding across the territory of the Phillistines, no?

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