Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Scott Thomas at The Journey? maybe?

As has been noted at Wenatchee The Hatchet in the past, Scott Thomas was once an executive elder at Mars Hill and President of Acts 29.  Then in the course of 2012, after Joyful Exiles was published, Scott Thomas transitioned into other workIt eventually came to pass that Scott Thomas and Derrin Thomas both ended up with jobs at The Journey.

Well, while back in February 2013 it was possible to find the email contacts of Scott and Derrin Thomas listed (per the aforementioned link


Well ... now Scott and Derrin Thomas are not listed quite so prominently in the staff with Ministry Development these days.  To go by publicly presented profiles now it's just Katie Wachter.

Katie Wachter

Ministry Development Project Manager
Why are you at The Journey?
Nothing is more exciting to me than seeing God move in and through his people. And, because of my role at The Journey, I get a front row seat to watch as God radically moves not only in our church, but also in our partnering churches and networks.

What do you love about St. Louis?
Given my propensity to not spend money, I love all the free activities our city offers. There's nothing greater than gathering a group of friends to picnic and attend Shakespeare in the Park, movie on Art Hill, Whitaker Music Festival, etc.

Given how complementarian Acts 29 churches are reported to be it is at least a little peculiar that The Journey has only a woman listed as the Ministry Development Project Manager.  Wouldn't a complementarian church have some men in authority over her within the department?  That might have been Scott Thomas and/or Derrin Thomas in the past, but who's able to confirm such a thing now? 

It looks like it can't be Derrin Thomas these days because he's now Events Manager at Acts 29 Network.

Events Manager

Acts 29 Network

May 2013Present (1 month)

Executive Assistant

The Journey Church

October 2012March 2013 (6 months) Saint Louis, MO
Ministry development department. Completed various research projects, writing, analysis, and editing. Oversaw building projects, including coordinating with contractors.

Derrin Thomas stopped being Executive Assistant in Ministry Development at The Journey in March 2013.  So whomever is in male authority over Katie Wachter wouldn't be Derrin.  So is Scott Thomas still Pastor of Ministry Development at The Journey?

Scott Thomas isn't mentioning The Journey quite as prominently in his Twitter profile these days.

How about LinkedIn?

Pastor of Ministry Development

Journey Church of St Louis

Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry
June 2012Present (1 year) Greater St. Louis Area
Oversee Journey Church sites
Leadership Development
Pastoral shepherding
Church Planting
Executive Leadership Team

Apparently still there.  Although it is worth noting that not all men who served as pastors at Mars Hill have necessarily kept up their profiles on LinkedIn and in some cases a wide variety of roles get collapsed into a single role.  Like this guy, Jamie Munson, who, to go by his own description of his work at Mars Hill was Executive Pastor from 1999 to 2011.

Executive Pastor, President

Mars Hill Church

Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry
October 1999September 2011 (12 years) Seattle

But by Mark Driscoll's own account (as in second optional entry from the top left, today) it was Driscoll himself who was legal president up until some time in 2007.  Streaming audio here. So when, exactly, was Jamie Munson president of Mars Hill any time in 2006?  Or 2001?  Given how obviously "The Man" seemed to be circumcised of a certain "woodchipper" anecdote, don't be too certain that Driscoll's commentary from February 2008 about how you really can't do ministry with your friends to have completely survived redaction.  But, who knows, perhaps it's all still there in tact.

All that is to simply note that if Scott Thomas is still Pastor of Ministry Development at The Journey then, for whatever reason, the people at The Journey have not seen fit to advertise that role all that prominently in their on-line presence lately. 


Anonymous said...

Scott has been prettly friendly with Ray Ortlund, a pastor of an A29 Church in Nashville. It also may be noted that Ortlund's church, http://immanuelnashville.com/ has been looking for an executive pastor since January, http://thegospelcoalition.org/jobs/listing/executive_pastor

This may be why he disappeared from the Journey. Just a thought

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

That was a proposed idea that seemed to warrant separate documentation of a possible comment by a possible Scott Thomas at Ortlund from a while back. Whether or not it's the same Scott Thomas some Scott Thomas agreed with Ortlund's statement that the blood-bought peace of a church shouldn't be disturbed by a scoffer.


Whether or not Scott Thomas is going to Ortlund's church or is just keeping a low profile at Patrick's church is, of course, speculation, but if somehow Thomas ends up at Ortlund's church you'll have made a good guess, Anonymous.

Meanwhile, noting that this connection may at least be conceivable was worth noting. Thanks.