Friday, January 27, 2012

yeah, I know of it

If you've wondered if I've heard about the formal response I know it exists but boilerplate non-informative press release stuff I recognize when I read it. I didn't read the chapter as it wasn't anything I didn't already know. 

Now I know some blogs have exploded with moral indignation and outrage about this boilerplate and I submit it is because of the Driscoll chapter attached more than anything Holcomb wrote and published.  What Holcomb wrote and published is, frankly, pitiable boilerplate press release tofu. I can't read it as an indictment of deceit or stupidity on Mr. Holcomb's part.  It's just non-informative boilerplate. If anything I pity the man for being in a position to have to put his name in a by-line under that.  Wouldn't the impersonal collectivist writing style of The Economist that I just read have no need for a by-line?  Why does some hapless pastor have to have his by-line tied to that?

I "might" write something but I don't feel any particular need to write about that stuff right now.  Perhaps I should explain.

I'm scheduled to get new lenses for my glasses for the first time since cataract removal surgery.  For newbies to my blog I had a cataract in one of my eyes (the one that didn't have a macular detachment).  Being able to see clearly out of both eyes is important, after all.  Thanks to snow in the previous week I haven't exactly been out and about when my best option is public transit.

I am juggling two writing projects that are, how do I put this, of more earthly good to me than blogging about other things. One you may have already seen some links to this week.  Those essays on Batman: the animated series are not writing themselves! The second I'm keeping more under wraps because it's still early in the production and revision process.  In any case I trust you'll get what I mean.

I'm still hunting for a regular day job and scoping out job leads. 

I have been ironing out more details and jots and tittles toward publishing one of my compositions.  I have not blogged about that because I don't see a reason to. During this time I have not stopped composing or networking with musicians.

So while I do appreciate that folks are concerned about "you know what" there is a time to for everything and wisdom consists, in part, of knowing when to write and not write about something. For me there are just more pressing things to write and pursue.  Ergo my earlier posting of a prayer from the Book of Common Prayer. With all due respect and prayers and concerns for the various parties involved I've got a few things going on.

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Eagle said...

I find myself reading your blog more and more. There are too many good ones out there, IM, TWW, Christian Monist, Rachel Evans, etc.. But I find myself reading yours as well.

Hope your health improves, and a job comes your way. It's hard to find employment. Especially in this economy. I know more people out of work, and yet I read about the recent surge in hiring and wonder. Becuase I know too many people out of work. My heart breaks for you WTH. Hold on...