Monday, January 23, 2012

Here's an ensemble I'd like to plug for

I own the CD Falls Flyer by the Kachian/Klemp Duo.  Though the duo no longer exists Christ Kachian is busy with Arpeggione Duo, a cello and guitar duo that has been busy for a while and has three CDs.  I highly commend Falls Flyer and hope to pick up the Arpeggione Duo recordings when, erm, I have money for that!  Along the way I ended up writing a sonata for cello and guitar for them. There is a lot of wonderful music for cello and guitar around, particularly since the dawn of the 20th century, but there can always be more advocacy for this music.  So I want to do my part, such as it is, and urge you to go check out this duo's webpage and listen to some of their music.  Sonata of the Wanderings by Jan Friedlin is a fine, ambitious piece, just to mention one specifically.

For their 2011-2012 concert tour they're tackling Atanas Ourkouzounov's Tanzologia, which very literally rocks!  It's a wonderful duet and I would urge you to hear it however you can. Since Atanas' recording on KLE with the Ourkouzounov Ensemble is out of print and you probably can't dig it up anywhere the Arpeggione Duo taking this golden little piece on the road is exciting. I don't know of another guitarist-composer out there doing more for the cause of chamber music by writing it then Atanas Ourkouzounov.  If there are other more prolific composers of chamber music who happen to be guitarists I don't know of them right now and, in any event, Atanas is still my favorite. It's my blog, I get to have my biases, eh?

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