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The Trinity Church has apparently gone from rental to purchase, revisiting Mark DeMoss' Feb `16 comment about Mark Driscoll's realistic vision and knowing he might not have more than 100 people at a new church plant

Remember back on March 12, 2016 we looked at how there was an open house?

A church building with a rich past will serve as the new home of our future church. Pastor Mark Driscoll is excited to announce that The Trinity Church will host its first ever gathering at 5pm on Easter Sunday March 27, 2016, at the Glass and Garden Drive-In Church in Scottsdale, Arizona!

In time, we look forward to launching The Trinity Church. In the meantime, we did not want to pass up this historic opportunity to gather for the first time on the 50-year anniversary of the landmark building, which opened on Easter 1966. Even though it’s last minute, as the ink on our rental contract is still wet, we look forward to meeting you at our modest open house and prayer meeting. Pastor Mark will be sharing our church vision as we begin gathering our launch team.

Well, that was back in March 2016.  There's a new announcement for June.
Hey everyone! I have a really exciting announcement. We have officially purchased our historic church home in Scottsdale, Arizona!

Every family needs a home, and this one is a wonderful fit for our church family.

So The Trinity Church went from renting to buying in just a couple of months.

Anyone remember what Mark DeMoss had to say about Mark Driscoll earlier this year back in February for The Daily Beast?
02.20.16 9:01 PM ET
Driscoll’s new website lists more than two dozen church leaders who are “praying for The Trinity Church.” Among them is Mark DeMoss, owner of a Christian public relations firm who worked for Mars Hill in 2014 during the church’s many crises. DeMoss is not working for The Trinity Church, but said he’s just trying to “be a friend,” and offered insight into what he says are Driscoll’s plans.

“I think he’s very realistic and he realizes that he might launch a church speaking to 100 people. I don’t think he’s under any big idea that he’s going to open the doors and have a megachurch immediately. But, I think he has the potential to do that again.” [emphasis added]Although DeMoss wouldn’t name anyone in particular, he says Driscoll “spent a considerable amount of time reaching out to people that he knew or thought he had offended or hurt in some way and did whatever he could do to right those relationships. He’s had some success with that, but there have been some people who were not receptive to a restored relationship.”

DeMoss said that he thought Driscoll was very realistic and realized he might launch a church speaking to 100 people; and that Driscoll wasn't under any big idea that he'd open the doors and have a megachurch immediately.  That was February 2016 and by March 2016 ...
Pastor Mark and his family moved to the Phoenix valley last year. After spending months praying specifically for a church building with 1,000+ seats along the 101 Freeway, Pastor Mark believes that God has supernaturally provided. [emphasis added] Like most older church buildings, this one needs some service projects and financial investment to make it a good home, but we are excited about its potential.

We know that God has gone before us, preparing an opportunity to minister. This building provides a wonderful opportunity for our mission: Why? So that lives and legacies are transformed!


Pastor Mark couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity for evangelism that God has provided The Trinity Church, and is praying every day for the people who will meet Jesus Christ in this building. He also looks forward to ongoing partnership with other pastors as part of Jesus’ one big Church in the valley. He says, “God is planting The Trinity Church and we are following his leadership. God has a plan that has been fifty years in the making. My youngest son and I first walked around the building after baseball practice late one night. Still in his uniform, under the moonlight of a warm and clear desert evening, my little buddy folded his hands and prayed that Jesus would provide us the building to worship Him in. God answered his prayer! God has provided a home for The Trinity Church”.

So The Trinity Church went from renting a space with 1,000+ seating to buying in three months. Does anybody want to ask Mark DeMoss if this doesn't look like the kinds of moves made by leadership that seems "reasonably" confident that it will be a megachurch the day it opens its doors
for the first official service in early August?  It seems that when it came to assessing how "realistic" Driscoll's vision was Mark DeMoss couldn't have been more wrong--Driscoll was saying earlier this year that you have to a vision so big that if God doesn't help you do it that it can't be done, wasn't he?

The announcement of the purchase is obvious enough and the question of who did the buying seems natural.

Throckmorton has noted the update over here.

POSTSCRIPT 07-03-2016

While there are those who have no doubt speculated about where all the money from the sale of Mars Hill properties has gone and would speculate further that the recent purchase Team Driscoll announced is connected ... this seems a bit unlikely.

Now, sure, Mars Hill sold millions of dollars worth of real estate in its death spiral.

West Seattle follow up once again the church that has met at that building seems to have had to buy back its own building  (about $1.7 million)
2745035  20150723001577  6/24/2015  $1,711,768.00

Puget Sound Business Journal: Mars Hill Church makes $4.2 million on sale of flagship Ballard sanctuary

Sammamish council approves $6.1 M purchase of Mars Hill property
The property was bought May 4, 2015 for $6,100,000.00 from Mars Hill Church by the city of Sammamish

and yet by December 15, 2015 the corporate HQ was a deed in lieu of foreclosure and contract forfeiture? Yep, confirmed by King County.

It wasn't until ...

Mars Hill Church closes sale of former U-District campus real estate to Cross & Crown Church as of March 10, 2016 (for $1.7 million-ish)

That it seems that the era of the corporation that was known as Mars Hill Fellowship/Mars Hill Church could officially be over.  It seems that if Mars Hill had a deed in lieu of foreclosure it wasn't rolling in money.  The monies could have gone somewhere else.

Throckmorton's got a image of the real estate valuation for the recently purchased building

It'll take some time to see about which names are on the purchase of the Arizona real estate and there's other stuff a person can do on the 4th of July weekend.

There's something else to report that merits a separate post.

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