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Driscoll to launch The Trinity Church at Glass and Garden Drive-In Church in Scottsdale--was praying for 1000+ seat venue, though last month DeMoss assured us " ... he realizes that he might launch a church speaking to 100 people."
The newly launched Driscoll congregation has signed a rental contract for the 50-year-old church, which opened on Easter Sunday in 1966.  The official launch of the church has not yet been announced.

Driscoll's next enterprise launches at its location at 5pm on Easter Sunday.  It's been announced already.  A few observations are about to get presented here shortly but first let's look at what's been said about the kind of building Driscoll was said to be specifically praying for.
Pastor Mark and his family moved to the Phoenix valley last year. After spending months praying specifically for a church building with 1,000+ seats along the 101 Freeway, Pastor Mark believes that God has supernaturally provided. [emphasis added] Like most older church buildings, this one needs some service projects and financial investment to make it a good home, but we are excited about its potential.

We know that God has gone before us, preparing an opportunity to minister. This building provides a wonderful opportunity for our mission: Why? So that lives and legacies are transformed!

Certainly at this point Mark Driscoll could appreciate having his legacy transformed. There's not a lot of explanation of how this piece of real estate has been granted to Driscoll as the site for his planned resurgence.  If Driscoll's account of how his old house was destroyed and how all his wealth and equity were in that wrecked house it's not Driscoll's money that could be brought to bear in securing this new site. Driscoll got an LLC registered in Arizona and some of that corporate presence has shifted from Washington down there

Lasting Legacy LLC is pending

Now in spite of Driscoll's history of telling tales of woe about the dangers his family has faced it seems he just ... can't ... resist constantly assimilating his children into his public persona and promotion of his brand.  Anyone recall when Ashley Driscoll was contributing content at Pastor Mark TV?  Anyone not notice Mark Driscoll's long history of bombarding social media with photos of the Fab Five?  The intermittent invocation of tales about how this or that kid was afraid of a media helicopter withstanding, the overall trend of Mark Driscoll's use of social media seems more like collapsing the identities of his children into the Mark Driscoll persona and brand than shielding them from it.  He might not let them have direct access to social media themselves but he's more than happy to put them on it. 

The announcement is just a recent example: 
Pastor Mark couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity for evangelism that God has provided The Trinity Church, and is praying every day for the people who will meet Jesus Christ in this building. He also looks forward to ongoing partnership with other pastors as part of Jesus’ one big Church in the valley. He says, “God is planting The Trinity Church and we are following his leadership. God has a plan that has been fifty years in the making. My youngest son and I first walked around the building after baseball practice late one night. Still in his uniform, under the moonlight of a warm and clear desert evening, my little buddy folded his hands and prayed that Jesus would provide us the building to worship Him in. God answered his prayer! God has provided a home for The Trinity Church”.

The kid may not remember in a moment of sympathy for a parent that you can fold your hands and pray to God anywhere you like.  God the Father, Son and Spirit don't need a particular piece of real estate in which to be worshipped.  It seems a shame that a guy like Mark Driscoll, who has made hay of the stress his children have faced because of social media and their dad, keeps dragging them into the social media and mass media spotlight.

But there's something others may not have mentioned in the midst of all this headlining.  Let's look at a particular statement, "After spending months praying specifically for a church building with 1,000+ seats along the 101 Freeway, Pastor Mark believes that God has supernaturally provided."  Okay, so Driscoll spent months praying specifically for a church building with more than one thousand seats along the 101 Freeway.

Say, wait a minute, didn't someone at The Daily Beast quote Mark DeMoss about how realistic Driscoll's expectations were that this next church launch might not be very big?
02.20.16 9:01 PM ET
Driscoll’s new website lists more than two dozen church leaders who are “praying for The Trinity Church.” Among them is Mark DeMoss, owner of a Christian public relations firm who worked for Mars Hill in 2014 during the church’s many crises. DeMoss is not working for The Trinity Church, but said he’s just trying to “be a friend,” and offered insight into what he says are Driscoll’s plans.

“I think he’s very realistic and he realizes that he might launch a church speaking to 100 people. I don’t think he’s under any big idea that he’s going to open the doors and have a megachurch immediately. But, I think he has the potential to do that again.” [emphasis added]

Although DeMoss wouldn’t name anyone in particular, he says Driscoll “spent a considerable amount of time reaching out to people that he knew or thought he had offended or hurt in some way and did whatever he could do to right those relationships. He’s had some success with that, but there have been some people who were not receptive to a restored relationship.”
So why spend months praying specifically for a 1000+ seat venue along the 101 Freeway if, as Mark DeMoss assured a reporter last month, Mark Driscoll was realistic and realized he might launch a church speaking to just 100 people? 

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