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Mark Driscoll and the influence of porn: looking back on "Using your penis", part 2, " That verse in the Song of Songs was translated by some cowards."

 Copyright (c) 2008 by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears
 Published by Crossway Books
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page 166
... For example, before I met Jesus I was guilty of sexual sin. I was sexually active prior to marriage and also occasionally looked at pornography. But because Jesus died for those sins and saved me from them, I have been able to put those sins to death. [emphasis added] As a result, you were brought into a family where your mom and I truly love one another and have been faithful to one another in every way.  We know that apart from Jesus , dying for our sin, sin would have killed our marriage. You would have been either raised by a single mother or trapped in a home of sin and bitterness, marked by unrest and hostility between your mother and me, if it were not for Jesus' death on the cross.

William Wallace II
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 That verse in the Song of Songs was translated by some cowards. She likens her husbands penis to hard white ivory. In your NIV the footnote at the botton says it's the "lapis lazuli" which is the penis. The Bible translators are so skiddish they couldn't actually say what the author said. They do the same thing with the woman's body in Song of Songs 7:2 where they say that her belly button is round, red, and moist with a sweet taste. Guess what, it's not her belly button. [emphasis added] Very sad, I'd have to say that if you can't just say what the Bible says but need to make it G-rated then you've got a low view of Scripture. 

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Driscoll insisted on that point in 2001 and would insist upon it some 8 years later.  For now, let's let readers explore for themselves what English/Hebrew interlinear tools can show us ...

Driscoll insists upon putting too much weight on the "problem" of the order in which the woman's body is described over the course of his public teaching on Song of Songs 7.  If it seems "weird" to start with the navel and go to the belly then surely it's even weirder to jump around from the neck to the eyes to the nose. The core Hebrew word that's translated "navel" also appears in Proverbs 3:8.  There's also this fairly straightforward idiom of synthetic parallelism in Hebrew poetics in which different aspects of the same thing are described or the same thought is expressed in different ways--but what is striking about the persistence of Mark Driscoll's decision to only ever interpret the Hebrew commonly rendered as "navel" as a reference to female genitalia is how it has predated and postdated his getting a degree in exegetical theology.  His active interpretation and application of the text, it can be observed, has remained persistent regardless of any formal education in the nature of ancient Hebrew.  You could be forgiven for getting the unavoidable impression that Mark Driscoll decided what the Hebrew text "had" to mean to get to his interpretation and just ignored every other consideration of actual Hebrew. 

The passage in Song of Songs 7:2 had to be a reference to a woman's vagina for Mark Driscoll because it had to be, not because he ever, even once in the course of twenty years, made an actually documented exegetical referable case from the Hebrew text itself for it. 

The lengths to which Driscoll went to argue for the legitimacy of naked wife polaroid Bible bookmarks (such as ever making a case for them at all) suggests that perhaps the influence of living near a strip club or having "occasionally looked at pornography" may have had an effect.  We'll eventually get back to Mark Driscoll preaching and teaching on Song of Songs but compiling that will take some time. 

There's also going to be another post in which we'll review a number of times where the phrase "clear heels" shows up in Mark Driscll's sermons.  Even for those who were at Mars Hill for a long time I tmight yet still be a surprise how many times Poppa Daddy referenced "clear heels" in a decade's worth of preaching. 

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