Monday, February 22, 2016

Jonna Petry publishes brief addendum to "My Story", states that Driscoll has not reached out to the Petry family since Joyful Exiles began.


Recently Mark and his supporters report that Mark has made amends with those he hurt. For the record, Mark has not contacted us or anyone we know regarding his egregious actions. Countless people and families have been harmed, an entire church of thousands, not to mention the damage done to the witness of the gospel in this city.

There hasn't been any persuasive plausibility to the "we're not entirely sure who they are" claim Driscoll made back in 2014.  If Sutton Turner could invite me (if by proxy) to a Vision Breakfast there's no particularly clear reason why the executive leadership of Mars Hill, up to and including Mark Driscoll, wouldn't have an idea who Paul Petry is. Driscoll couldn't tell people on the road that a conflict from years ago came to light and still be an honest man if it was true that 'we're not entirely sure who they are", can he?

Driscoll preached recently on men and godliness.  He talked a bit about how the man is the head in the marriage covenant as the head of the household.  Mars Hill was once a church in which the elders had a covenant relationship (so it was said) with the body that was the church.  Driscoll was the president and that would imply headship over the body that was Mars Hill.

If Driscoll wants to keep running with these kinds of metaphors then Driscoll can be seen as a head that decided to leave its associated body, a disembodied head rolling along from state to state doing speaking engagements. 

If Driscoll's still holding the line on how headship means who a man's children date is his responsibility and even maybe the grandkids ... that does invite a question as to why, when the plagiarism controversy erupted, Mars Hill PR thought there was any reason at all to mention some people helped with the assembly of the Trial study guide materials.  If it was just Mark Driscoll's name on that intro it was Mark Driscoll's responsibility as head.

About ten minutes in Driscoll talked about putting his house on the market.  Which house?  The one in Woodway?  He hasn't technically owned that since it was gifted to Melanie Thompson back in 2013.  Now, to be sure ... the taxpayer on that real estate has changed.

parcel # 00704300000600

it's no longer Thompson listed, even if the Downs Family Revocable Living Trust still owns the property.  The taxpayer changed 2/16/2016

But remember how Mark Driscoll was approached by Russ Bowen at that house and claimed it was a wrong address?  watch the video at about 0:50

Okay, so maybe Driscoll lied to Bowen about whether it was the Driscoll house in 2014 before regaling folks at Thrive with tales of the chopper flying above the house and scaring the youngest Driscoll kid.  But then technically the house wasn't owned by a financial instrument set up by Mark Driscoll. 

In which case that can't be the house that was recently sold, can it?  Unless Driscoll referred to the Woodway house "as if" it were his house even though he hasn't formally/legally owned it on paper since 2013.  Unless, of course, there's a possibility that the ownership on paper was just that and that the Driscolls and the Fab Five lived in the Woodway house through 2014 in spite of the on paper ownership.  Some have proposed that the advantage of having real estate owned in a trust is that it can conceal who really owns/lives at the real estate.

But it certainly wasn't the old real estate at Montlake.

The Driscolls sold that back in December 2014 not long after Driscoll resigned.

On the other hand ... Driscoll was preaching at a church in Wenatchee and the Driscolls had a piece of property in Chelan.  Perhaps that's the real estate that sold? For those who may not already know, the most widely read post in the history of Wenatchee the Hatchet was a memo that advised Driscoll get a raise to 650k compensation in addition to the 200k housing allowance he already had.

So where ever that old house was it might have been just enough of an operational expense it had to go on the market.

Thing is, it doesn't seem like it was necessarily the house in Woodway or the one on Montlake in Seattle.

Maybe the house in Chelan sold? That the Driscolls had a house in Chelan was something mentioned from time to time but not something that seemed worth nailing down in the wake of the more newsworthy development of a resignation.

If it was the Woodway house can someone confirm via a headline that the house got hit by a tree?
because ... it's listed as delisted since 9/2015

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