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so Jimmy Witcher shared a story about helicopters and the press at the Driscoll house. Driscoll himself never mentioned multiple helicopters and Russ Bowen was told on air "wrong address". Link to KOMO coverage

some of Jimmy Witcher's account of the last year or so to do with Mark Driscoll.

The "internal things" ... was that the conversation on air in 2013 Mark Driscoll had with Janet Mefferd in which the term "plagiarism" came up?  Was it "internal things" that World Magazine reported that Mars Hill used Result Source to secure a place on the New York Times bestseller list for Real Marriage? As Driscoll's been making the rounds he's at times shared that there was this conflict, see, and it didn't really come to the public knowledge until the last year of Mars Hill ... but Paul Petry published content at Joyful Exiles starting in March 2012, more than an entire year before the Mefferd interview in 2013.  Now some internal correspondence got leaked, to be sure, something kind of like former BoAA member named Tripp describing Mars Hill as one of the most abusive ministry cultures he'd ever seen.  But Tripp's resignation from the BoAA was public, too.  The idea that there were "internal things" seems to reflect a profound ignorance (deliberate or otherwise) of what was going on.

But enough of those general observations.
And you know, many of us go through hard times in our life, but not all of us have to do it very publicly. And Pastor Mark had to go through a very difficult, kind of almost a public trial, uh, with the media on his front lawn, helicopters flying overhead, his every move being discussed in blogs and on social media. And you know, as often is the case, you know, with the media, and I know they, they sometimes try, uh, but they get about a third of the information right, you know. And so he and his family were living in this, in this difficult time of making this decision, and he had resigned.

And it was literally just within days, probably a couple of weeks later that I got to meet him at a pastor’s conference. And Pastor Mark had known it was time for him to step down, and he knew that God was calling him to move on and go into another season, but he knew that he needed to get some things “in his quiver,” if you will. He needed to, to learn some things, and develop some characteristics, and some things in himself that he hadn’t had before. And one of the things that he knew he needed, is he needed some spiritual fathers. He needed folks that would come in and speak fatherhood to him.

... a third? 

So how could the media be on the front lawn when the house was behind a gate and some gravel and some road? 

Since when was there more than one helicopter?  Mark Driscoll told stories about there being ONE helicopter that I can recall documented.  Never any mention of helicopters in the plural.

Driscoll by the time Russ Bowen came calling had withdrawn from the public eye and wasn't preaching.  The notion that blogs and social media were watching his every move seems virtually impossible to substantiate. 

Let's not forget that according to Robert Morris' Gateway account it was he who advised Driscoll to step away from ministry for a while.

So far it seems that if Jimmy's trying to say bloggers and the media get about a third of the facts right his account can be shown to not even be a third accurate based on statements made by none other than Mark Driscoll himself and video footage from coverage in 2014.
Helicopters?  Plural?  Based on what?  The Woodway house was kind of gated.  Russ Bowen went up and rang the intercom up.

Someone had a question over at Throckmorton's blog.
The closest thing I ever saw to media on Driscoll's front lawn was that hapless KOMO TV news reporter who parked his car near a huge wall and spoke to a voice through an intercom. The voice sounded just like Mark, but told him he had the wrong house. Sadly that video isn't out there anymore.

Well, we all knew a new narrative of Mark's life would be spun, and now we see it coming together. Father Mark, the dad you never had.

Go to this link, start playing the video, it starts at about 0:54
As we've discussed at some length here, for Mark Driscoll to concede a helicopter flew by and that the press was outside the house he's basically got no choice but that his 2015 testimony to that effect showed that whoever that dude was who said "wrong address" was lying to Russ Bowen while camera rolled. 

Now by 2014 the house in Woodway had been gifted to Melanie Thompson but then in that case, was it even an entirely accurate story to share that it was Mark Driscoll's house the press was visiting if it had been gifted to Melanie Thompson back in 2013?  That's the thing about the stories, it's tough to eat your cake and then have it, too. 

The word about how things from the past will come forward into the future?  Well, okay, there might be something to that, seeing as there's a publishing agreement from the past available to read in the present and by extension the future. That bit had already come to pass as of January 4, 2016, depending on how you take this

At the moment it appears that who Mark Driscoll "is" is a guy who's still recycling all the content back from the "who he was" years.  He had a sermon here and there warning people against those kinds of guys.

Then there's this bit about how Driscoll needed spiritual fathers?  Because back in the early days Doug Busby wasn't good enough?  Or Ken Hutcherson?  Or David Nicholas?  Or Driscoll's own father-in-law Gib Martin? 

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