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Driscoll shared a story about how his house was hit by a falling tree, which house? The one he told Russ Bowen was "wrong address, I don't know"?

By KOMO Staff |Thursday, August 28th 2014

 Driscoll's reaction to Russ Bowen's enquiry sounded like "Sorry, bro. Wrong address. I don't know."


Transcript | Mark Driscoll | Thrive 2015-05-01
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Things really escalated when the media showed up and blocked the driveway to the house, seeking an interview and brought a helicopter overhead to flush me out for an interview.  My kids had been outside playing and, uh, all of a sudden we heard this helicopter over the yard and so we pulled the family into the house and tried to figure out how to not be in front of a window because we didn’t want to be on the news and didn’t know what was going on, to be honest with you. 

That night my oldest son, he was 8 at the time, he came to me downstairs, my wife Grace was cooking dinner and uh, he had on this jacket, it was a military jacket with patches down the side.  He had his AirSoft gun and I said “What are you doing little buddy?” He’s nine now.  And he said, “Dad is this jacket bullet-proof?” (crown groans) And I said, “Why’s that little buddy?” And he said, “Well, if the bad guys come, I want to be able to protect the family.” [4:59]

I didn’t know that he – he didn’t know it was a news crew. The only thing he’d ever seen were the uh, um, the bad guy movies where they come in helicopters and shoot everybody.  It took months.  He would have night terrors. He wouldn’t sleep in his room.  He wouldn’t take a shower, get dressed in his bedroom by himself. Something we’re trying to encourage him through.  Just real fear came into him.  The kids wanted to sleep outside in a tent one night.  We told them no, because as soon as we had the tent set up and were going out to sleep in the tent, the media posted the address to my house as a new story which I felt like we were in danger again so I grabbed the kids and left for the night and went to a hotel for a couple days.  Then came back and I preached what would be my last sermon -- I didn’t know it would be my last.  The New York Times was there.  It was a big media situation.

So, the kids were like, “Dad, we just want to sleep in a tent in our house.” So we slept in a tent.  I didn’t really sleep, but the kids -- the younger kids slept.  Woke up in the morning and somebody on the other side of the fence was throwing large rocks at my kids at about 6:30 in the morning.  And at first, I didn’t know what it was and then the dog thought we were playing fetch and started picking up these rocks and it dawned on me, like rocks are flying at my kids in the yard.  So we filed a police report and went away for a little bit. Came back and there was a bucket of nails all over the driveway.  Picked those up um.  ...

First thing, for those who don't recall local radio host Dori Monson was not able to confirm the rock-throwing incident took place after consulting Woodway authorities.

a commenter later added an update that something happened of some kind.
Throckmorton was able to follow up


But the confirmation of a rock-throwing incident at the house in Woodway, if true, highlights that Driscoll wasn't giving Russ Bowen an honest answer in 2014.

Now keep in mind somebody how sounded astonishingly like Mark Driscoll told Russ Bowen "wrong address" when Bowen tried to ask a few questions.  And a dog got released.  That was in August 2014.  By May 2015 somehow things changed.  Driscoll was sharing a story about a helicopter overhead trying to flush him out for an interview. What wasn't the house in 2014 was the house after all in 2015. 

So there's already a conundrum Mark Driscoll created for himself in how he replied to Russ Bowen.  If the rock incident happened at the Woodway house then Driscoll couldn't honestly have told Bowen "wrong address".

Last year there was a substantial windstorm in the Puget Sound area and one of the areas effected by that storm (August 2015) was Woodway.

This might have been the reference Driscoll made in his recent presentation in Wenatchee.


February 22, 2016 by Warren Throckmorton

Yesterday, Mark Driscoll spoke at Grace City Church, an Acts 29 church in Wenatchee, WA pastored by Josh McPherson. McPherson, who is Acts 29’s Network Coordinator for the Pacific Northwest, must really believe in Driscoll’s comeback because I suspect he is hearing some noise about it.
I put my house on the market. I'm thinking, "Okay, my house will sell." I gotta go down and I'm--we can't get the kids into school. The school's are already full. We're there too late because the school districts are different between the northwest and the southwest. We're renting a place temporarily. All my stuff, all our stuff, is up in our place in Seattle. Our house is on the market. Our house is not selling. ...

and I was in Arizona trying to figure out what the next season of life looks like with elementary, junior high, high school, college and my phone alarm starts going off and I assume somebody broke in or whatever. So I send my realtor over. My realtor calls me and his voice is trembling and he sends me this photo. He said, "I'm standing at your house and here it is." [audience reaction of dismay, apparently at a photo] Yeah,that--that's my house. Or WAS my house. And a 200-foot tree fell on my house and crushed our bedroom. Our bed is under that rubble. If my wife and I were taking a nap at 1 o'clock on a Saturday we'd be dead.

So I flew up late at night. I go to the property all the power's out. I'm there with a flashlight. It's pouring down rain and I'm going through the rubble that is our home and I'm glad that nobody in my family died. And I'm thinking, "How--this is all my equity. This is what I was going to use to relocate and provide for my family. And, and here it is." And now I live in another state so how am I supposed to fix this?

I remember sitting at the house, actually, outside in the rain looking at what used to be my house.  I'm like, "Okay, Lord, this family is my responsibility." My stuff is in this house. My family is in another state. We don't have a permanent place to live. I can't find a school for my children. All of our equity and wealth is in a destroyed home and I'm unemployed. ...

And I remember just standing there in the rain just like, "Father, Dad, I need help now. I need wisdom. I need provision. I need a path forward. I accept responsibility for the well-being of my family. But how to proceed forward, Dad, I'm not entirely clear on. I could really use your help." And God's a good father and he has answered that prayer and He's taken care of our family. And, actually, the good news is we closed this  house last week and it got fixed and somebody bought it who was willing to take that off our hands and allow us to move forward with our lives.

Well, though it seemed a bit unclear bordering on unlikely yesterday, reviewing weather coverage in the last year easily yields the following:

August 30, 2015

Snohomish County PUD continues to make progress in restoring power to residents in Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, Edmonds and Woodway. PUD reports that 55,000 households remain without power. Crews will continue work throughout the night.

So that a storm caused damage across Woodway is easily established for late August 2015. 

But there's a possibility that the house didn't really formally belong to Driscoll, after all.  Didn't the house get gifted to the Downs Family Revocable Living Trust by Future Hope Revocable Living Trust in 2013?

So if the Downs Family Revocable Living Trust financial instrument had Melanie Thompson designated as its trustee how was this house at Woodway Mark Driscoll's house?  Some say the potential use of a revocable living trust is to obscure who the real owner of a piece of real estate is so "perhaps" the Woodway house was always Mark Driscoll's house, it's just it wouldn't seem to be the case on paper.

So maybe Driscoll wasn't exactly lying to Russ Bowen ... but then if he wasn't misrepresenting the strictly factually accurate situation then the circumstances in which the Woodway house that wasn't Mark's when Bowen came to visit has apparently been the Driscoll house in Mark's stories on the road two calendar years in a row.

It seems as though there's a risk in sharing stories in 2015 and 2016 about that house in Woodway.
If it wasn't Driscoll's house in 2014 then he wasn't exactly lying to Russ Bowen on camera but if it really was Driscoll's house then even if some kind of paper arrangement ensured the real estate formally belonged to the Downs Family Revocable Living Trust but it was really ultimately Mark Driscoll's home then Driscoll lied to Bowen by implying there was a wrong address or misunderstanding in 2014.  By 2015 Driscoll had tales on the road of how the media published the address to his house and sent a chopper to fly over the place and here in 2016 Driscoll's shared a story about how a big tree fell on the house and would have killed him and Grace had they been in the bedroom that was once theirs.

Fortunately nobody died. Unfortunately Mark Driscoll, in sharing this more recent bit of news about the real estate, presented what seemed to be the Woodway house as his house in a way that still suggests he was not being honest with Russ Bowen back in 2014. 

Since it would appear by the measurement of Mark Driscoll's own teaching on the subject he could be said to have lied to Russ Bowen ...


If you’ve read this far, I’m certain the Holy Spirit has convicted you of lying somewhere, sometime in your life. I’m guilty.

Of lying? Of being a liar?  Was Mark Driscoll really admitting that much? In his discourse on deception he stopped short of saying that Mr. Spock implying something was lying and there may well be those who think Driscoll's response to Russ Bowen was by some technicality not a dishonest answer. Or perhaps it could be suggested that to protect the kids a dad might lie.  There's casuistry within the Judeo-Christian tradition on those kinds of issues.

But for as emphatically as Driscoll said "wrong address" in 2014, some of his most poignant and pointed appeals for sympathy have centered around the condition and location of the house he wouldn't confirm to Russ Bowen of KOMO news was his. If the house wasn't the Driscoll house then it wasn't honest to say so and if it was the Driscoll house it wasn't honest to even imply otherwise.  Driscoll could have relied on the old standby of so many who have refused to talk to members of the press "no comment". 

Since Mark Driscoll registered practically every sermon he ever preached going as far back as 2001 under his own name rather than that of Mars Hill; and since Driscoll registered the copyright to himself or a corporate stand-in for nearly all of his books that are all still in print and getting translated into a variety of languages it's just a teensy bit difficult to believe that "all" the wealth and equity of the Driscoll clan was in that house in Woodway.  For what purpose was the On Mission LLC set up years earlier if "all" of the Driscoll wealth was loaded into that one house in Woodway?

On Mission LLC still exists as an entity in good standing in Colorado, doesn't it?

It may make for a more dramatic narrative to say "all" the wealth of Mark Driscoll's family was in that house in Woodway (if that's the house Driscoll was referring to in his recent sermon), but not counting the intellectual property Driscoll has in sermons going back to 2001 on or all of his published books would seem to be skipping over the most valuable part of Mark Driscoll's assets.  Without those there'd be no 1 Corinthians series of 33 sermons from 2006 to bring back online at Mark Driscoll Ministries, would there?

POSTSCRIPT 02-24-2016 06.45pm

Remember a link that assessed Driscoll's value as around 2.5 million?
plug in the parcel # 00704300000600 into ...
and for 2015 Taxable Value Regular was ...

So perhaps like a Calvinist (if Driscoll would still call himself one) "all" doesn't seem to literally mean "all".

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