Friday, February 26, 2016

transitions, Caleb Walters lists his role with Mars Hill in the past tense while Kerry Dodd is still president, at least in LinkedIn terms

The inactive date for the corporation formerly known as Mars Hill is still pending.

I would have thought now that we're on the eve of March it'd be otherwise
but Kerry Dodd's not listing himself as a past-tense person at MH either

President and General Manager

Mars Hill Fellowship, Inc.
– Present (1 year)
- Keen management to daily operations to guarantee proper handling of all legal affairs and creditor obligations
- Tactical administration to the liquidation of real property and other assets; along with the distribution of net assets
- Recognition for the successful launching of 11 new independent entities by separating the organization from its 15 operating locations
- Appointment as corporate president of the board of directors; as well as promotion to general manager, in charge of leading the transition team in settling the affairs of the corporation toward the distribution of net assets and dissolution

Chief Operating Officer | COO

Mars Hill Church
(1 year 3 months)

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Anonymous said...

Who are those men? How are they accountable to the elders or members of Mars Hill? Are they just hirelings? Who gets the spoils?