Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MH releases 2014 public disclosure package and projects through June `14 package

Throckmorton spotted the announcement. You have to slog through a short series of links to get to these actual documents and the most recent annual report is the old FY2013.

For now ... here's a summation of numbers that may be food for thought.

You'll probably need to minimize all the drop down menus ar the right for this after the break.
Of course if you're patient and detail-oriented you can go to the docs, though in a lot of ways they don't say a whole ton.

keep scrolling down now ...

a little more ....

2011 2012 2013 2014
cash & cash equivalents  $   5,165,170.00  $   3,369,472.00  $   5,341,040.00  $                   2,707,297.00
accounts receivable  $                       -    $         30,302.00  $      192,323.00  $                      218,474.00
inventory and other current assets  $       81,041.00  $      203,685.00  $      515,751.00  $                      546,138.00
lease deposits and other assets  $      118,011.00  $      136,718.00  $      180,269.00  $                      158,788.00
property and equipment   $ 27,099,676.00  $ 28,650,133.00  $ 28,663,705.00  $                 26,506,584.00
deferred loan costs, net  $      41,642.00  $         37,273.00  $         34,531.00  $                      112,671.00
property held for sale         $                   3,976,184.00
cash held for long-term purposes        $                      229,930.00
restricted cash        $                      413,099.00

As yet there's no transparency about how much executive elders have been compensated.  It's getting to a point where the absence may be because people don't even know inside Mars Hill?  Is that even possible?  Well ... let's float a theory for sake of further inquiry, what if the salaries and compensation of Mars Hill executive elders were mediated by way of a third party?  What if Mars Hill paid a lump sum to an entirely separate company which independently disbursed the compensation packages?  In that way from the Mars Hill side there would never be any differentiation between Driscoll's compensation, Turner's compensation, or Bruskas' compensation because Mars Hill would never be allowed to even know that beneath the executive level.

But the Board of Overseers might be able to know.  If Matt Rogers wants anyone to believe Bellevue is turning over a new leaf why not just explicitly state what the compensation for the three executives has been.  After all, as a member of the BoAA and the BoO he would seem to be in the know.

Ditto for Bruskas, since as an executive elder he'd be someone to be able to at least confirm what HIS compensation package has been and that could be subtracted from publicly available figures to provide at least a ballpark for surmising he numbers left over.

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