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2-5-2008 spiritual warfare Part 2 part 1: commentary--on Driscoll's ethos of anger as a precedent in Mars Hill biblical counseling

While we could proceed to the rest of the bitterness teaching immediately there's something noteworthy in Driscoll taking so much time to explain how necessary it was for counseling pastors to get angry. 

Part 20 of Nehemiah
Pastor Mark Driscoll
Nehemiah 13:1-14
September 16, 2007

... And here’s the bell we’re gonna ring all night”, Verse 8. “And I was very angry (Laughter)” I love that. [It's my life verse.] It’s awesome. You say, “What’s angry mean in Hebrew?” Angry. He’s very angry. He was angry in Chapter 5 too where the rich were exploiting the poor. He says, “I was very angry about that.” Here’s a dude, gets angry. “I was very angry.” We’re gonna talk about this a lot (Laughter). “And I threw all the household furniture of Tobiah out of the chamber.” It’s like if you go to the temple to worship, you’re like, “Lord, I’m here.” And all of a sudden you’re like “What’s all that stuff flying out of the temple (Laughter)? There goes a flat screen TV and a computer and a – you know, a chair and a couch and a copy of the Koran. There’s just stuff flying out of the temple (Laughter). “Then I gave orders.” Not suggestions  or recommendations. Orders. “And they cleansed the chamber, and I brought back there the vessels of the house of our God with a grain offering and the frankincense.”

That red-letter passage in the bracket, that's from the sermon but it wasn't kept in the sermon transcript even though it was said from the stage.  If you'd like to go to a place that preserves the original statement ...


Driscoll had evidently concluded at a number of points that anger and getting very angry were, well, awesome.  He also went so far in the 2008 session on spiritual warfare to tell potential counselors within Mars Hill that if they DIDN'T get angry there was something seriously wrong with them.

Keep in mind Driscoll was invited to speak on these subjects by the biblical living department team that was not able to actually attend the event. 

There's relatively little to say at the moment on this beyond noting the potential consequences of Driscoll insisting to all MH leadership that there was a problem of everyone being too lenient and extending grace to people who didn't deserve it and avoiding getting angry at counselees.  This might have been theoretically offset by what was to come next ... .

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