Thursday, October 02, 2014

HT Throckmorton: Mars Hill Global gets re:branded as Mars Hill Go, Wenatchee advises people re:frain from donating until there's financial transparency

Surely they must realize that Mars Hill Go can be flipped around and transformed into a wish that the entire edifice would come crumbling down, right?  Branding/marketing folks didn't seem to anticipate that one.  In the last decade the only way to have a more unintentionally embarrassing turn of phrase in a promotional/branding project might be the South Lake Union Trolley, which arguably needs no further explanation.  It's like someone wanted the words to be instantly changed into "Mars Hill, Go" so that it could be a headline at Slog.

This has probably been a re:brand/re:launch that has been considered for a while since controversy boiled up about where the money has been going and it looks like this month the re:invention is official.  With the re:putation of Mars Hill Global in a less than flattering place this year it seem someone re:cognized that a re:novation might be re:quired. 

Still just as opaque about where the money went as ever but now with a shiny new and lamer type of branding.  It's like when the cartoon Teen Titans got brought back as Teen Titans Go, maybe, except that Wenatchee The Hatchet actually liked Teen Titans and didn't get into the follow-up, whereas Wenatchee The Hatchet would advise that in the wake of the re:launch of the ministry people re:frain from donating anything to the re:branded fundraising platform since there's likely to be no re:funds.

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