Wednesday, October 01, 2014

former MH executive elder and A29 director Scott Thomas at conferences in Canada? Apparently

Something was brought to the attention of Wenatchee The Hatchet recently.  It's about 2014 activity by former Mars Hill executive elder, former Acts 29 president, and former 2007 Elder Investigative Taskforce head Scott Thomas.

If Scott Thomas wishes to clarify how a "conciliatory process" ended up looking more like a kangaroo court now might be a good time to say something, or anything.  Either that or let published correspondence at Joyful Exiles on the one hand and a leaked memo apparently attributed to Sutton Turner implicating a "Scott" for bad spending habits on the other

What's interesting is that Larry Osborne also had something going on up north.

So a member of the Mars Hill Board of Advisors and Accountability that briefly featured Paul Tripp,  [which in later 2013 featured Michael Van Skaik, Dr. James MacDonald, Dr. Larry Osborne, Mark Driscoll, Dave Bruskas, and Sutton Turner) until he resigned, citing the impossibility of the  board being able to do as an external board what could only be done internally. To date Michael Van Skaik's public/intra-MH accounts have not necessarily made sense of or gelled with statements by Paul Tripp but that's a topic for some other time.

The point for this post is that Larry Osborne had a clearly credited advisory role in the 2006-2007 re-org and is apparently still on the BoAA and has spoken at C2C events of some kind earlier in 2014, just as Scott Thomas has.

With respect to the Mennonite brothers and sisters up there, are they SURE they want the dna of Acts 29/Mars Hill/Mark Driscoll seeping further north?  Wenatchee The Hatchet is more the dour Presbyterian sort these days but in the spirit of ecumenical dialogue ... urges the Canadian churches to do some more digging on guys like Larry Osborne and Scott Thomas and their history of association with Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill. 

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