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Kyle Firstenberg discusses the Mars Hill Orange County eviction situation from 2012, executive leadership knew it was coming

Warren Throckmorton has been discussing a variety of things at his blog.  You can go over there to find pertinent links.  He links directly to a bit of content from Kyle Firstenberg we'll get to, but first. 

Back when there was word that Mars Hill Orange County had been served an eviction notice Mark Driscoll took to a vodcast with a couple of his kids to share the news.

Driscoll explained he wasn't sure why this was happening but that they had retained legal counsel and if it turned out to be a case of religious discrimination they would stick to their guns.  Or you could go watch the video if it were still up, but it's not.

Maybe you can get a look at the general situation, if not the video, with a little help.

Well recently it looks like Kyle Firstenberg has gone on record with some statements.

I began searching for another place to meet and discovered a comparable venue to the Galaxy Theater. I notified Pastor Sutton and the Development Team and was told that we didn't want to lose momentum and growth by moving and that we were not going to move until the city kicked us out. Sutton said the city wouldn't do that because they don’t want the bad PR of kicking out a church that is trying to make a difference. I made it very clear to Pastor Sutton and the Development Team that I was not OK with staying, as we were breaking the law. The decision was made and I was advised to not challenge it.

A short time later I discovered that we as a church needed to have a business license in the city of Santa Ana to operate legally as we had separate office space in the city. I completed the paperwork and advised Pastor Sutton and the Development Team that I would be submitting the application. I was told not to submit it because it would draw attention to us and they would discover that we had not moved as instructed by the certified letters that we had received from the city. The decision was made and I was advised to submit to my leaders. I challenged that decision along with the previous decisions that our very actions were disqualifying us from pastoring this church, not to mention the non-Christian landlord we were trying to be a witness to was encouraged to participate with us in our defiance of the law.

When Driscoll addressed the eviction of Mars Hill Orange County back in 2012 he mentioned not being sure what the reason for the eviction would be. Given Firstenberg's recent statements even if it is taken as given that Mark Driscoll actually did not know what the grounds for the MHOC eviction might have been it would appear that Turner was in a position to know that an eviction was not only probable but inevitable.

POSTSCRIPT: 03/29/204

Of course by now the Driscoll video in which he explained he wasn't sure why it was happening (memorable because of his two youngest children being in the video with him, sometimes smiling at the camera) isn't up any longer. 

But there's still some OC Weekly coverage to consult.

From Oct 25, 2011, they quote former MH OC pastor Nick Bogardus as having blogged:

A Sunday service location is something Kim and I have been praying for since August of 2010 and something we've been praying for as a church since we started meeting earlier this year. Since April we have tried everywhere we could think of: churches, music venues, community centers, senior centers, colleges, etc. None of them worked out. We even got close on two locations but those eventually fell through.

The Galaxy was literally the last property on our list and the one I've been saying "no" to the whole time. God's sovereignty and humor often go hand in hand. We visited it a few weeks ago and couldn't deny that this is where God was leading us as a church.

So it looks like as far back as October 24, 2011 Bogardus had publicly stated The Galaxy was the last property on the list and the one he'd been saying "no" to the whole time. 

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