Friday, October 18, 2013

opening: Leadership Development Director at ... you know where, and some other job openings of late

Posted October 15, 2013
This role will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of Leadership Development, including but not limited to the Lead Pastor Residency Program, Executive Pastor Residency Program, Eldership assessments and processes, church membership and deaconship processes, and Re:Train candidacy and programming. This person will work closely with the local church leaders and elders in the development and plan implementation of leadership programs.

Dear readers, keep your eyes set on whoever gets this job when the job gets filled.  That will be interesting to observe. 

Also posted on October 15

Work with the Mars Hill Church content team to develop, edit, and/or produce written materials based on the work of Pastor Mark Driscoll for a variety of mediums, including Resurgence, trade publications, ebooks, social media, curriculum, and more.

Say ... Wenatchee The Hatchet kinda does that already. 

There's also an opening for an assistant executive pastor at Bellevue that opened up at the start of October

Maybe there's been some growth in numbers since the Ten Commandments series began or MH has rebounded from losing a couple thousand people in the last year during a dip period. 

For those who cast about in the job search for less direct means, there's a CRM Integration Project Manager, posted to about ten days ago

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