Sunday, October 13, 2013

a revision of a poem from a few years ago

i want to go to the beach,
feed seagulls alkaseltzer,
and feel sand between my toes;
to run along the tide pools
and think of brian eno.
i see the seagulls flying
and i hear my spirit laugh
i think of oysters singing
underneath the sand and sea
close my eyes and imagine
their sweet alkaseltzer drams

If you'd like to read the earlier, sweeter version of this poem, go here.

You may have forgotten that Wenatchee The Hatchet is sometimes a poet of modest competency.  Recent poetic efforts (which merely means in the last two years) have been short, as noted here and here. And about once every election cycle I tend to bring back this sonnet. In fact most poems I've jotted down since roughly 2006 have tended to be on the short side, such as this one.

Anyway, there's a stroll down memory lane with a poem or two.

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