Friday, October 18, 2013

It's been a while since Dr. John A Catanzaro has contributed to The Resurgence 

Clearly Mark Driscoll has thought enough of Catanzaro to commend him on a couple of occasions and Catanzaro has also written at least a dozen pieces for The Resurgence (about ten of which could have been consolidated into something more cohesive and sustained but that's just a matter of Wenatchee's reading preferences). 

While Driscoll's public stances against yoga are famous enough his endorsement of naturopathic medicine has not gotten as much attention from pretty much any of his self-designated critics that can be readily found.  There may be people who think Driscoll's endorsement of naturopathic medicine is probably dubious but they probably do not know that Driscoll has ever endorsed any sort of naturopathic anything, perhaps.

So it would be worth noting that despite the famous bits about yoga it must be said that Mark Driscoll's endorsement of mixed martial arts for both practice and entertainment, as well as letting his naturopathic doctor publish articles at The Resurgence, cannot be construed by his more erstwhile critics as a blanket condemnation of "Eastern" anything and everything.

You're welcome to read through Catanzaro's contributions to The Resurgence at your leisure. Wenatchee has other things that sound more fun to read, like a commentary by Barry Webb on the book of Judges, for instance. 

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