Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"The Wounds of Discovery" is coming along nicely

What I originally planned to be a mere three parts has grown into six parts, the sixth part to be done shortly. I feel pretty good about how it has been turning out.  I think I may have outdone myself with this new segment.  You really can't go wrong writing about the classic Batman villains and it's equally hard to go wrong writing about classic villains depicted by Batman: the animated series. Well, Hugo Strange could have been better and, let's face it, Bane was not really a classic Batman villain twenty years ago. But, with those vital historical caveats aside, BTAS gave us some of the most compelling versions of the Dark Knight's foes of the last two decades. 

And, as Bat-fans know, when you have a hero defined by his villains as strongly as Batman is it's important how you develop them and what they are about.  When you've done that there is then the challenge of making sure that after getting to the heart of the villains you don't forget the important stuff about the hero who stops them.  It is this, more than any other set of considerations, that has made BTAS the classic television show it has become.

So now that "The Wounds of Discovery" has grown into six parts it feels more natural and effective.  My hope is you'll enjoy it.  If I've done my work well you can appreciate the ideas I'm working through even if you've never watched an episode of Batman: the animated series in your life. My hope, of course, is that if somehow this is the case you'll go and watch at least one or two episodes.  If you come to these essays appreciating BTAS and the rest of the DCAU I hope you'll find it enjoyable and thought-provoking. This week Part 4b of "Wounds" should probably be going up and I begin to get into the heart of why I've called this series Batman: the Agony of Loss and the Madness of Desire.  I can't think of a better title for a series of essays about this wonderful show.

I do have other bits of news to share here this blog a bit later.  I'll have links for new Mockingbird essays as they pop up and this year I'll have some news about musical stuff.

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