Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guitar Sonata in F minor published


My Guitar Sonata in F minor is now published.  This is my first published composition.  Don't let the tempo scare you.  Think of it as a guideline.  If you get in the zone of 152 beats per minute that's fine by me.  If you can actually go faster than the ideal of 160 bpm don't go faster than 168 bpm. I wrote this piece 12 years ago and back then 160 beats per minute was easier for me than it is now.


CoffeeMatt said...

Way to go. Do you consider this your best piece (or one of your better ones) since you jumped through the hoops to have it published?

I know what you mean about the tempo being faster in the past...

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Thanks, CoffeeMatt

I consider it my best early piece and am still willing to play it even twelve years after I've written it. I've written a huge amount of music since I wrote the F minor sonata but I still like playing it as much now as when I first wrote it.