Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I dreamt of a X-Files/A-Team crossover show ...

I had a dream that I was watching part of a movie my brother rented because everyone was snowed in during the holidays and no one could go anywhere and I was at my brother's place.  And for some reason the movie was this thing were Mulder and Scully from The X-Files were about to get killed by some black ops assasin , who had boasted he was so good a shot he could kill both of them with a single bullet, who was stopped by members of The A-Team.  Not Liam Neeson, no, Peppard and the old school crew. 

I mean, yeah, I was a kid during the Reagan years and I saw footage of the Berlin Wall coming down on TV but this dream personally has to go on my list as a weird mash-up dream.  It's as weird as the mash-up dream I had where Mike Nelson and the bots did a treatment of what was going to be Star Trek movie using Next Generation characters.  I still remember Tom Servo's line in my dream about Jonathan Frakes' character, "Watch me hold my shirt down so my chest looks big."

Sometimes a person just has weird dreams that reflect the pop culture they grew up with.

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Mara Reid said...

X-Files/A-Team cross over show...

Old school.

I like it.

We could call it, "From A to X" or some other clever rendition of the fact that they both start with stand alone letters.

We should get to work on it right away and pitch it as betrayed vets taking on the paranormal.