Saturday, December 17, 2011

and writing continues

It's been a long time since part 3 of Batman: the Agony of Loss and the Madness of Desire got published over on Mockingbird, hasn't it? Yep.  "Heart of Ice, Heart of Wrath" took months to put together.  I only managed to finish the essay after a few sleep-deprived nights revisiting C. S. Lewis and G. K. Chesterton after watching every Mr. Freeze episode in the DCAU.

I was certain that after all the work it took to complete that essay that part 4, "The Wounds of Discovery" was going to be a cakewalk by comparison. What a fool I was for thinking that!  Well, at least I have chosen a essay title that ironically mocks me for having so much trouble finishing this essay!

Well, at least you can go read parts 1 through 3 if you want to while I keep working on part 4:

My goal is to have part 4 complete before the new year.  I wanted to have part 5 and 6 finished by then and to have already begun work on the Justice League essays but life happens, in my case, eye surgery happened.

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