Monday, December 12, 2011

all prose and no music makes life a bit less fun

Over this weekend I finished movements for two different sonatas.  I finished a single-movement sonata for guitar and double bass and I also finished the first movement of a sonata for tuba and guitar.  Yes, tuba and guitar.  You didn't misread that. 

I'm happy I've made some progress on composing new music because in the prose department things are still tough.  I had intended on writing about Bane a bit in Batman: the animated series anyway and now that it turns out Bane is the big advertised villain for The Dark Knight Rises I have even more incentive to discuss Bane as part of my series of essays on Batman for Mockingbird.  Plus, for what it's worth, I think Talia is probably going to be the behind-the-scenes mastermind of bad news as a callback to Batman Begins.  I anticipate some reversals such as the "good woman" who turns out to be evil and the "bad woman" who turns out to not be as bad as first appears.  If Anne Hathaway is Catwoman why would we expect Selina to be a thorough-going bad guy?  That's just not going to happen.  A Batman/Catwoman team up against Bane (and, I figure, Talia) would probably be a way to wrap up the Bat-trilogy. 

Nolan's been pretty simple, dare I say even simplistic in some aspects of his story-telling.  If Bane is the criminal mastermind/bruiser type and Bale has said the final film is about Bruce Wayne working on the subject of whether or not he will let pain continue to define him then I anticipate some plot line in which Bane (who famously uses a drug to enhance his strength in the comics) probably uses a drug to medicate himself in terms of pain whereas Batman (obviously) doesn't. 

Of course in Batman: the animated series Bane is sure he'll destroy Batman but discovers that all it takes is one well-placed batarang to defeat him.  Those "toys" that Bane finds so insulting to be used against him in combat turn out to be the thing that beat him.  Easy for a guy whose strength derives from a drug to complain about Batman using props and gadgets in battle, eh? 

"The Wounds of Discovery" has been, well, even tougher than "Heart of Ice, Heart of Wrath".  As incredible as I find it to be writing this here at the blog that's what I'm discovering!  But I remain undeterred, I will keep working on the project.  Meanwhile, along the way I have composing projects I keep working on.  I'm one movement away from finishing a sonata for violin and guitar in A minor.  I'm one prelude and fugue away from finishing my 24 preludes and fugues for solo guitar.  I've got things ready for the next stage of getting one of my compositions published.  A few more steps need to be taken but I hope to have a published composition some time in early 2012. 

By the way, I want to do a write up on the latest d'Amore Duo album, Under a Southern Sky. I'm still listening to it and absorbing it but I hope to write something about it this month.  I have Bill to thank for sending me a copy of the CD as I've been following what the d'Amore Duo has been doing for a while now.   All those previously mentioned writing projects are still in the hopper, too, so at some point I'll get to some of those.  But tis the season to have some plans for the season, too. 

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