Monday, December 19, 2011

Give $25 or more and get a free copy of the Driscoll's book Real Marriage ...

I admit the first thought that sprung to mind was that this brought back memories of relatives watching TBN and seeing those ads.

With a love-gift of X or more you get this wonderful gift free!

With a gift of the retail purchase price of the book or more you get the book ... free.  Actually the listed retail price is a bit closer to $22 but throw in sales tax (which Washington and many other states have) and you get closer to $25. 

Of course there's more than one megachurch pastor around with a book about marriage and sex coming out at the top of 2012

There's even some comparable celebrity pastor endorsements.  Steven Furtick's endorsement catches my eye for its strangely imaginative take that most teaching and preaching on marriage and sex is somehow not getting the job done.  We've got more than one book out there that tells us we'll get the truth about marriage and sex.  That's true.  It's also not the first time evangelicals will have fielded these topics.  The Furtick endorsement would seem to imagine that American Christians have not actually had James Dobson or Focus on the Family available as a resource for, oh, the last three decades or more.  Married Christians in America have arguably had no shortage of resources to consult.  I'm not suggesting they should have less resources, either, by the way. 

It's just weird seeing this promotional campaign in light of what we used to hear from Mark a decade ago.  There weren't supposed to be things like a website named after Pastor Mark, let alone a domain name like Pastor Mark TV.  There wasn't supposed to be this institutional thing where the odds of you ever seeing the pastor through any medium other than a huge screen were about the same as bumping into a local politician.  I can still remember when the plan was to break off churches into assemblies no greater than 120 per group because above that size things would be too impersonal. 

Well, if Mars Hill is planning all this expansion maybe they could throw in a little by way of funds to revive Zack Hubert's re:Greek website, too?  That was a pretty cool website. 

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