Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Recycled material: Meditation on John 1:1-5

O Word of God who formed the sun,
Who formed the billions and the one;
O God, the Word, who made all things,
Whose praise the universe still sings;
Our origin and end you are
And in all things we prove your power.
Of you we can't be over-awed
O Word who is true God with God.

O Life who is the fount of life
In spurning you we loved our strife,
Your breath is how we came to breathe,
Your health our sickness will relieve;
Your blood makes our dead hearts to beat
And makes our withered hands complete;
O Life of Life you can decree
That e'en the blindest eye may see.

O Light that makes the cosmos shine
Please fill our minds with light divine,
That with yourself our hearts may glow
And you our darkness overthrow.
O Light in whom no shadow lies
Give sight to all our blinded eyes
That we may see you are the Word,
True Life and Light to all the world.

I wrote this poem between January and March 2007 and posted it in March of `07. It took months of work and was a slow and steady process. If it weren't obvious already I had been immersing myself in a lot of the poetry of John Donne around the same time I was reading John's Gospel. I tried setting the poem to music but never successfully made any music that I felt properly fit or set the text. I trust it's obvious that I was (and would be) going for a simple four-part chorale/hymn setting. I'm simply a competent poet, if even that, but since my church is heading into a series on John and since I wrote this poem inspired by reflecting on the famous first five verses of that gospel I thought I'd repost this.

You may notice a slight change or two if you compare this version to the version I originally posted. The differences are small but not subtle. I made the revisions I made (if you read the original, can you spot them?) so as to avoid what I considered to be overly synergistic implications in the original form of the poem. In case you hadn't noticed it in my blog entries since 2006 I kinda care about theological stuff. :)

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Paul said...

Beautiful poem.
Thank you.