Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Links from Mockingbird: The imcompetent bloodshed of the Locavore and inauthentic authenticity

Two separate blog entries but their overlap is intriguing. I do not value authenticity so much as I value honesty. Authenticity is not really, to put it crudely, a Christian virtue or any virtue at all. Authenticity is simply the fruit of your life growing on the vines or branches for people to observe. You will always be authentic but you may be an authentic honest person or an authentic liar or an authentic ditherer.
A quest for a locavore lifestyle is a sort of Seattle thing. It does not confer upon a person a connection to 'real' or 'authentic' living. If anything it is, within Seattle, an extension of a kind of consumeristic obsession with status that speaks not of authenticity or simplicity but of a luxury of convenience that leaves a gap that permits the person aspiring to locavorism to see himself or herself as part of a solution to a problem. "Sustainability" is not necessarily a terrible thing but in our day and place it is more realistically described not as a vocation but as a hobby that aspires to an authenticity that in earlier epochs arose from the bluntest pragmatic and practical concerns.

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