Sunday, May 27, 2007

A scintilating weekend with 1-5 Enoch

But it's probably going to be tomorrow that I try to read all this stuff. I'm committing myself to researching stuff about the epistle of Jude, which cites directly one apocryphal book (which, given ancient citation customs, means I feel obliged to eventually read the whole kit and kaboodle ascribed to Enoch). There's some debate as to whether Jude references The Assumption of Moses. Origen thought so but there's not really what we'd tend to call manuscript evidence of what the book entailed, though Clement of Alexandria seems to have a somewhat indirect reference to the content of the Testament/Assumption of Moses.

Jude's use of non-canonical literature presents a special can of worms since the citation of a non-biblical literary or historical source does not automatically canonize Hellenistic writers anymore than Jewish pseudopigrapha. But I've got a nice, long weekend here and I suppose I may be better off just going on a walk and reading stuff later.

Plus I haven't played guitar as much as I should, either, or piano. That's waht spending half the month in Los Angeles can do for you if you don't have a guitar you want to haul through Sea-Tac or LAX. I may just need to fix that later on if I'm going to do more traveling.

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MrsQ said...

Hello my friend. I am happy for your weekend with Enoch. Personally, I spent the weekend with Micah and Jonah, but this only because they are the names of my two sons. Alas, due to the rearing of my progeny, I read more children's literature than theology these days.

Anywho - I digress.

Just wanted to let you know that you were an inspiration:
Our Dear Friend Wenatchee The Hatchet has reminded me of an interesting story and an interesting theological point that, IMHO, all Christians need to seriously consider.

So - many thanks for your thoughts. In fact, as I prowl your writing, you're pretty fun. I'll have to add you to my feeding frenzy.

Many Thanks,