Monday, May 28, 2007

1-5 Enoch, ow

I didn't quite realize how long this collection is. And I didn't think my digging into Jude would lead me to writings by the somewhat opaque Clement of Alexandria. Or maybe I just haven't really delved into patrology or "early Christian writings" as much as I should.

Instead I walked out to a park and waded along side the water by a retaining wall that keeps a rail line in place and hiked around in Seattle faux woods llistening to music by William Byrd, which was fun. I figured with a three-day weekend I needed ot get out o fthe house and spend a few hours in sunlight before tackling apocrypha and then I got hom eand had food and eralized I didn't feel THAT up to throwing myself into apocrypha.

Studying the historical and literary nature of Jude leads a person to read and write far more than the length of Jude itself would ever suggest. That's just the nature of researching ancient Christian literature that cites a couple of books of Jewish apocrypha.

Of course it was good for me to get out and get some fresh air and walk around.

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