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Throckmorton: Olympia MH leaders want to go independent---let's briefly review MH Olympia, Winterhalter is a newbie to Olympia if not to MH (i.e. via Bellevue in 2011)
Mars Hill Olympia pastor Seth Winterhalter (and winner of the Best Mars Hill Beard Award) tells his congregation that the elders at the local church are committed to start an independent church in Olympia:

Seth Winterhalter is one of those names that rings few bells for Wenatchee The Hatchet.  Back when Wenatchee The Hatchet was paying attention to a Mars Hill Olympia the only name that tended to come up was former lead pastor/campus pastor Steven Mulkey, who was at Mars Hill Olympia from 2009 to 2013.

Olympia Campus Pastor

Mars Hill Church
(4 years)
Oversaw all day-to-day operations of the church from budget, volunteer coordination, and teaching.
Worked with local churches/pastors to develop a community service initiative “Serve Thurston.”
Planned and executed two building campaigns raising a total of 170k.
Grew the church from under 100 to over 400 in under four years.
Replanted the church into two different locations in 4 years.
Planned and executed a weekly gathering for 4 years leading 90+ volunteers.

Whatever role Seth Winterhalter plays as lead/campus pastor at Olympia is relatively recent.  In fact Wenatchee The Hatchet recalls that in late 2011 Winterhalter was nowhere to be found in the Olympia listings.

In Wenatchee's shorthand list of staff and pastors at campuses in late 2011 here's what we had:
steven mulkey 156
bruce ensign 1984
kyle van tine 4483
susan ensign 2193
laurie mcnally 2216
travis matthews 1997
jenny matthews 1887
justin watilo 8417
walter cunningham 4606
There's no sign of seth winterhalter.  Instead Winterhalter was over at Bellevue

thomas hurst 692
gary shavey 482
alex ghioni 18541
michael van skaik 2722
tim zion 651
sam delay 2359
jason skelton 18541
seth winterhalter 116391
brian mccormack 110859
dustin nickerson 721
rachelle peck 138

Winterhalter was in the Bellevue scene in later 2011 according to captures from The WayBack Machine (before Mars Hill introduced robots.txt).

So Winterhalter may have shown up at Olympia some time in 2012 or very late 2011. Precisely what happened to Mulkey is hard to be sure about but given the firing rampage Sutton Turner has been described as doing Mulkey's employment may have been one of the many casualties of the Sutton Turner regime change.

Of course Mars Hill web pages could sometimes go out of date.  According to Winterhalter's own Linkediin profile:
It looks like he was executive pastor at Mars Hill Olympia from September 2011 to December 2012.

Executive Pastor

Mars Hill Church
(1 year 4 months)Olympia, WA
Implement vision and mission of the lead pastor through organization structure and strategy while discovering, developing and deploying the volunteer army.

And by Winterhalter's account ... he became Lead Pastor at Mars Hill Olympia during December 2012 to the present day.

Lead Pastor

Mars Hill Church
– Present (2 years)Olympia, WA
Primary steward of the mission of the church to make disciples and plant churches. Cast vision, create momentum, and develop leaders to fulfill the mission.

So there's that.  Of the two, at least on paper, Mulkey looks like the one who actually had concrete and measured goals in contrast to .... vision.  Thanks to those slides on financials Warren Throckmorton published ... let's look at what Olympia looked like around April this year (if memory serves)

Well ... that kinda sucked. 

That's a double digit loss in the net margin side for April.  The net loss for the fiscal year to date whenever the slide happened isn't too awful compared to other campuses, especially the campuses that closed.  But unless Winterhalter has more fundraising mojo than Mulkey had whatever Mars Hill Olympia becomes may be short-lived. 

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