Thursday, November 06, 2014

Throckmorton: complaint filed to WA attorney general obtain injunction regarding Mars Hill Global Fund Dissolution

You can read about that at the link.

Transcribing the 2008 spiritual warfare project is still coming along but's not a swift process and there are other things to keep tabs on as the corporation breathes its death rattle.  It's going to be important to present and discuss the 2008 warfare session to shed some light on what Tompkins called the "ad hominem" narrative and for other reasons Wenatchee The Hatchet will eventually get to.  It will even touch upon the work of Peter Jones, actually.

Turner may have already packed his bags and left Washington state.  Since Driscoll deeded the Woodway house to his sister anyway he may have already had plans to move out of state years ago and those could just become more official.  People are speculating that he might go to Orange County.  In light of the allegations that have come to light about the executive elders knowing of the eviction risk and deciding to play chicken with a city in California then California might not be ideal.

Texas, though, might be a possibility, since Driscoll showed up at a conference in Texas.  More crucially, Texas refuses to acknowledge debts legal and fiscal in other states that don't involve a federal issue.  Since there's no chance the IRS will get involved with anything to do with Mars Hill even if the WA attorney general did investigate things if Driscoll moved to a place like Texas, Wenatchee's understanding is that Texas won't care too much about whatever money hijinks might be alleged to happen in Washington. Since Sutton Turner was/is Texan it's not like Driscoll couldn't have heard of the potential benefits and unique traits of the state. Texas would be a more "fresh start" state and Driscoll's basically been a televangelist for close to a decade now anyway so maybe he could seek out TBN style church and ... well, it's not like he hasn't slowly become everything else he used to make fun of from the pulpit by now, unfortunately.

Wherever Driscoll goes he may or may not take the Mars Hill branding with him and rumor is he's asking for his intellectual property.  Now that we've had a chance to learn that his intellectual property is not that great in terms of originalty of thought or quality of doctrine Driscoll "could" lean more word-faith.  After all, he shook hands with T. D. Jakes in 2012 and revealed the pragmatic streak running in his approach to pastoral ministry. 

But it remains to be seen if the Washington state attorney general does anything just yet and whether the legal officers of Mars Hill Church who have the most to answer for about the Mars Hill Global fund are even in Washington state and within the actions of the state by the time the attorney general may do anything (assuming for sake of the public discourse there's stuff to investigate).

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C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

RE; intellectual property

see this article:

Do You Own Your Sermons?

I suspect, but have no way of knowing, MD at some point put text in his contract to deal with this issue. Otherwise "work for hire" doesn't belong to the preson hired.