Friday, November 07, 2014

the Montlake house is on the market, a possible sign the Driscolls are pulling up stakes and moving out of WA

It's been on the market six days by Redfin's account.

So in addition to leaving Mars Hill Mark Driscoll apparently has plans to try selling the Montlake estate.  This was tried circa 2008-2009 to no effect but that was in the wake of the housing bubble bursting. 

The house in Woodway was deeded to Driscoll's sister about a year ago and so simply moving to somewhere else wouldn't be an encumbrance in terms of who had the deed to what property.  Transferring the Woodway house to the sister kept the real estate within the family but why the ownership would have been shifted is somewhat mysterious.  It's not like it kept the press from discovering where Driscoll lived (note that the press has never actually published the address, contra Mark Driscoll's sob story at the Gateway conference).  But if the Driscolls were considering moving or living out of state anyway such a move would at least make some sense.

Which may raise yet again what the distinction was between Mark Driscoll's public rhetoric about his fondness for the city (which was by implication Seattle) and the reality that he lived away from Seattle for years and may have privately designed to stop living in Washington state altogether. 


Dan said...

According to the link, it looks like the place is either sold or a sale is pending...

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

it's a pretty sweet location for singles or marrieds without children. Not so hot for parents with little ones who may dash out into the street, a detail that has made it into early Driscoll sermons.