Sunday, November 02, 2014

the spiritual warfare series will continue but needs a few short breaks here and there

The transcription/analysis project of discussing Mark Driscoll's February 5, 2008 leaders-only session on spiritual warfare is going to continue, but if you've read it so far you'll see what a large undertaking it is.  In terms of history it seems to be a touchstone in the consolidation of what Steve Tompkins described as an "ad hominem" narrative within the leadership culture of MH.  For a bit more on that (latecomers) go over to this post

But there's more to cover.  We'll eventually get back to things like "I see things" and to Driscoll opining on women in ministry, women gossiping, female manipulation and other things that we've actually discussed before.  The irony of Driscoll sounding off on female manipulation by mentioning sob stories (you have to hear it for yourself on this point but it can be discussed in print) while having mastered the art of the sob story "should" be able to speak for itself, but since not everyone can keep track of the panorama of Driscollian rhetorical tools this blog may be of service.  Driscoll used to joke that if someone wanted to criticize him in a footnoted way there were products available.  Wenatchee The Hatchet never needed those.

It's sounding like Olympia is making a bid for independence.  If they do dig a bit into their history since much of the military ministry of Mars Hill was based there before it was shut down in April 2012ish and absorbed into Mars Hill Global.  The reason the dissolution of the Military Ministry seems of note is that it could have been through the Military Ministry in its Olympia phase that Real Marriage bulk orders could have emerged, or at least a couple of anonymous sources have indicated this as having occurred.  But as Wenatchee tends to be cautious about anonymous sources this is mentioned more so that, should any of the claims be true or not, people with Olympia associations could look into that.

As the corporation known as Mars Hill dissolves keep track of what happens to Resurgence Publishing Inc and other spin-offs.  If anyone to this day has any idea what Lasting Legacy LLC does, speak up.  To this day nobody has been able to explain how the executive elders were paid or how much they were paid.  A lone stab in the dark Wenatchee can suggest is that the executive elders may simply have had a third-party corporation to which Mars Hill may have made payments that were then disbursed to executive elders but without any indication of a third party corporation with articles of incorporation that could explain that it'd be tough to know.

Meanwhile, we'll take a break from the warfare transcription project. 

Maybe in 2015 Wenatchee The Hatchet will finally get to that project of blogging about the evolution of sonata form in solo guitar literature in the 18th and 19th centuries ... .

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