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stories of a house and a contract 2b possible avenues of distribution for the bulk orders, the former Mars Hill Military Mission that looks like it was absorbed into Mars Hill Global

material originally published March 9. 2014

To the extent that questions have emerged about where and how Mars Hill Church could have gotten names Warren Throckmorton has speculated that a Real Marriage donation promotion site may have been one possibility.

However, if the restrictions in the Result Source Inc agreement specify that there can't be more than 350 in a geographic region how can someone control for that?  Wouldn't donations tend to cluster to a point where geographic areas would be over-represented? Throckmorton's proposal might founder on the problem of how the program Mars Hill had for getting a copy of the book could eliminate over-representation of regions, unless there's something else that can be discovered.

Throckmorton doesn't seem to mention the bulk orders.  A minimum of 90 different addresses with no more than three per state.

This is just speculation but what resources could Mars Hill Church have that could cover the bulk address side of things? 

5,000 books on the bulk price category.
90 addresses
no more than 3 per state

Well, what about military units?  A company tends to be between 100-200, well within the limits required for a Result Source requirement of less than 350 per geographic area for the individual orders criteria, for instance.  Find the addresses of two chaplains at separate addresses each in 45 of the lower 48 would seem to cover the bulk order address requirements easily.  Anyone with a modicum of direct marketing or mass mailing coordination experience would at least give this idea a moment's consideration. 

So, if we're speculating that military bases and chaplain addresses are at least a brainstorming idea would anyone at Mars Hill Church have access to anything like that information?  Let's see ...

Readers may recall that Wenatchee The Hatchet proposed that the Mars Hill Military Mission would be the simplest option for bulk orders from the perspective of data mining.  A key function of the ministry was distributing books.  It's worth mentioning, however, that the March 17, 2012 memo published by Warren Throckmorton features a singling out of Military Mission as not sustainable.  Precisely why never got explained but it's worth highlighting.

16. Having ministries like Film and Theology and Military Missions is not sustainable. [emphasis added]

 But ... if you were to send one case of books to two chaplains in two different zip codes in each state of the United States the bulk orders would be easily accounted for.  Let's just say at one point Wenatchee The Hatchet had a day job that consisted of accounting for stuff like that.  Informally a couple of sources have indicated to Wenatchee The Hatchet that Military Mission was involved in the promotion of Real Marriage but no one as yet has been willing to go on the record, however, it seemed clear enough that given Mars Hill's history of financial crisis cycles and infrastructural challenges they were going to want to data mine along the path of least resistance for bulk orders of books.  Why not just go with the data pool of a ministry that already had book distribution of Driscoll books within its mission?

But Mars Hill Military Mission was given "a reassignment" in mid-April 2012.

... Because of the enormous growth of this ministry, we are needing to make some changes that will allow us to keep up with the great number of orders that are flowing in. The Military Mission will now become part of our new Global Ministries department. Because distribution is a large part of what Mars Hill Military Mission does, this strategic move will allow us to send out more resources at a quicker, less expensive, and more efficient rate. We have also combined Global Ministries and Military Mission’s financial contributions to one account. This will not only simplify our accounting processes but it will enable our ministries to have more of a global impact. Those of you who are currently giving specifically to the Military Mission might ask “Will my donations still be funding the Military Mission?” Our answer would be, “Yes—and then some.”
So the Mars Hill Military Mission looks like it was considered "not sustainable" but it would have naturally had the information useful for data mining bulk order distribution.  Two chaplains in two different ZIP codes in every state of the union would have pretty well covered the bulk orders without anyone even having to think too hard about it.  Unfortunately since the Mars Hill Military Mission looks like it was simply absorbed into Mars Hill Global the information on whether that may have been how the bulk orders got processed for Real Marriage and where funds came for those orders probably can't be known unless Mars Hill Global books since its inception get opened and examined. 

But, all the same, the distribution of books was what Mars Hill Military Ministry had been doing for a while and it seems the simplest, most likely first candidate for the bulk orders ... at least so far as Wenatchee The Hatchet could tell.

Now that the potential distribution avenues for the 11,000 have been considered we can get back to things more domestic because in 2013 there seems to have been a process under way whereby the house in Snohomish county was going to get a bit of remodeling.

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