Monday, September 22, 2014

stories of a house and a contract 2a the individual orders and a fundraiser?

First, we must get to who was invoiced for the Result Source Inc. contract

Warren Throckmorton fielded that quite well.

So Mark Driscoll was the person named on the invoices.

Warren Throckmorton has preserved evidence of the fundraising/giving avenue through which donations of $25 or more would yield a free copy of Real Marriage.

James Duncan proposed that having community group leaders push Real Marriage locally could have played a role in meeting the numbers necessitated by the agreement with Result Source meeting the requirements for the #1 placement

It looks like Duncan's guess was the apparatus and process described by Driscoll might involve using churches for the bulk orders but it would seem that individual orders were getting covered by the fundraising webpage and community group leaders could cover individual purchases.  Bulk orders, however, had some pretty significant restrictions in terms of geography and those restrictions warrant discussion in a separate post.

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