Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Julia Duin's coverage of the epic backpedaling or "Trump is president in heaven" in American charismatic and Pentecostal prophecy scenes is something you should read

Now I ended up being ex-Pentecostal for a lot of reasons and one of thosse reasons was skepticism about the prophecy industries.  I won't bore you with the details now when I could share thoughts later on Crawford Gribben's magnificently readable Writing the Rapture later (his book on survivalism and Christian reconstructionists in the Pacific Northwest is his new book out as of late March and I want to write about that one, too). 

But one of the deal-breakers was paranoid style end-times prophecy and its fraternal twin utopian prophecy.  We just saw an example of the latter with proclamations that Trump really won the election but Biden and company stole it.  Well, that's a utopian proclamation/prophecy for those who wanted Trump to win and simultaneously affirm prophetic activity.  That those people now have to contend with the reality that those prophets have proven false has lead to a rift within the U.S. Pentecostal and charismatic prophecy communities that Julia Duin has done a very good job of covering since November 2020.

The older I get the more I realize my western Oregonian Pentecostal upbringing was an aberration, what with an Assemblies of God youth pastor introducing me to the work of textual scholar Gordon Fee; introducing me to the concepts of exegesis and hermeneutics; and perhaps most unusual of all, sharing with me his  ambivalence about the legacy of Kierekgaard (admired his meditations on Christian love but regarded Kierkegaard's apologetics as a complete disaster). Maybe recommending Solzhenitsyn was not so unusual for a Pentecostal youth pastor but the rest sure was, as has become more apparent to me in decades of hindsight!

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