Saturday, May 08, 2021

Ferdinand Rebay: Sonata in A (minor) for Guitar (Sonata No. 1)

Where in the orchestral literature German and Austrian music tends to have an outsized influence, those sounds are almost completely marginal in the guitar literature.  Normally when we think of classical guitar works that are in the canonized literature we think of Spanish, Italians and French guitarists (with some Austrian and Bohemian figures, to be sure). Sor, Giuliani, Coste and Diabelli were early and seminal figures in the centuries of guitar history we have.  But the canonized works tend to be defined, for better and worse, by the Segovia legacy.

That means that guitar music written in a Brahmsian style with echoes of Schubert is paradoxically under-represented in the literature in contrast to the saturation of Brahms in piano literature or Schubert in lieder.

Thus we get to one of the seven solo guitar sonatas composed by the Austrian composer Ferdinand Rebay

Sonate in A für Gitarre: I. Allegro moderato
Sonate in A für Gitarre: II. Variationen
Sonate in A für Gitarre: III. Tanz - Rondò
All seven sonatas are not yet accounted for in commercially available recordings but as the years go by this is, thankfully changing.  I'm hoping to blog through the seven solo guitar sonatas of Rebay with more analytical comments some time in the future. 

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