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a look back on blogging in 2018, a busier year of blogging than it ever felt like it was at any given time

2018 was more of an artsy year of blogging here at Wenatchee The Hatchet ... or it felt like it ... maybe more because of how much music I was composing this year when I wasn't blogging and doing other normal day to day life things. 

There were a number of substantial additions to the blog connected to the life and times of what was once Mars Hill, most notably a book review of Justin Dean's PR Matters and of Jessica Johnson's Biblical Porn, but a lot of this year's blogging felt like it was about music and the arts ... and to some degree arts education and social media use and emerging concerns raised about celebrities.

We kicked off blogging in 2018 with a poem
our era is sweet
whatever the right hand does
the left hand can tweet

February 2018, what was formerly Mars Hill Portland subjected to dissolution

Sherman Alexie got in the news when allegations of harassment emerged
it was something that continued to be in news coverage through into March

Justin Dean has done the rounds promoting his book in podcast interviews ...

in March 2018 I finally did a review of Justin Dean's book PR Matters

at the top of April 2018

What's interesting, looking back on that video is what I noted on April 3, 2018

At about 923 views with seven upvotes and twenty-five downvotes it's not looking like the video from Charisma House is going viral.  

For those who may have watched the video and wondered what comments referencing Driscoll's comments about women as "penis homes" could be, go over here.

The text of a few pages of "Using Your Penis" by Mark Driscoll on the old Mars Hill php discussion forum known as Midrash went up July 29, 2014.  Also included was a screen cap of the html formatting for the initial conversations sparked by "Using Your Penis".

For a comparison of what Driscoll wrote in 2000 as William Wallace II in "Using Your Penis" to what he wrote and said later in contexts such as Real Marriage, go over here.

Except that comments are disabled and there are no up votes or down votes for the video by now

By the end of April 2018 I started but obviously have not managed to conintue blogging about Nikita Koshkin's 24 preludes and fugues for solo guitar

May 2018
The merry month of May featured a 9 part overview of the history of Larry Osborne and Leadership Network's connections to Mark Driscoll.  One of the things that was not really examined in the wake of Mark Driscoll's resignation and the dissolution of Mars Hill was the nature of the star-making machinery that made a star of Mark Driscoll.  A great deal of the "lessons" shared by liberal and conservative Christian pundits and writers tended to focus on "lessons" that did not question the nature of the star-making machinery and processes but, rather, focused intensely on the perceived worthiness or unworthiness of particular stars. When someone has a connection to a guy like Mark Driscoll going back to at least 2006 it seems worthwhile to look at what can be known about someone who was at one Leadership Network.  It didn't just so happen that a video of an interview between Osborne and Driscoll had gone up and that information was sent along to Wenatchee The Hatchet so ...

part 1 Mark Driscoll recounting his Fall 2004 meeting with Larry Osborne at a Leadership Network event

part 2 The plan announced in 2006 for growth runs aground on city zoning, Driscoll and associates regroup by way of a controversial re-org that leads to terminations in 2007

part 3 Driscoll teaching that “I see things” in a post-2007 context in which he presented dissent or distrust of executive elders as a demonic lie

part 4 By 2012 Mark Driscoll began to share irreconcilable accounts of his personal history

part 5 A quick overview of 2012-2014 comments about and by the BoAA

part 6 Mark Driscoll’s resignation—the BoAA expresses surprise, and among the BoAA members was Larry Osborne

part 7 in the 2015-2017 post-resignation era new stories emerge about how and why Mark Driscoll resigned

part 8 Larry Osborne interviews Mark Driscoll in 2016 about his resignation and his account that 30 some former leaders weren’t willing to reconcile with him

part 9 some analysis and some questions.

June 2018
also reviewed Jessica Johnson's book Biblical Porn

wrote about Raymond Knapp's Making Light: Haydn, musical camp, and the long shadow of German idealism

someone wrote a piece of criticism about The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2

July 2018
finally began to blog in some detail about John Borstlap's The Classical Revolution

at the end of July 2018 I wrote hat is one of my favorite posts of this blogging year
hegemony may be in the eye of the complainer--the Western art music canon or Anglo-American popular music can be the current hegemony depending on what you want to teach in a class vs what you see.

I felt like I was finally able to articulate something I've seen in online statements and debates abot music education, music history and musicology in the last few years that's been bugging me.  I also managed to realize why it was bugging me. 

August 2018

assimilation of Redeemer PDX (formerly MH Portland) into Door of Hope made official

writing about John Borstlap's book continued, featuring a mid-length discussion of George Steiner's In Bluebird's Castle.

Borstlap left a comment with a link to some responses.  That begat a response where I explained that I don't see things the same way he does.  The gap between abstract precepts that classical music can't be revitalized by reference to popular styles or world music and the actual history of Ravel's use of jazz gestures makes it seem that Borstlap has been trying to lay down a prescriptive approach to classical music that is contradicted by the appeals he makes to composers he admires. 

Aretha Franklin passed this year ...

what I wrote wouldn't do her musical legacy justice ... but I wanted to write something. 

August 2018 was also the same month George Walker died

I wound down August with a piece
Richard Wagner's Alberich (an incel), and the curse of the Rhinegold that ultimately dooms the world

September 2018

I composed a rebuttal to John Borstlap's comment that Charles Ives was an over-rated composer by cross referencing Kyle Gann's writing and Burkholder's writing on Charles ives to Borstlap's mention of Ruskin.

Brian Ferneyhough: No time (at all) for two guitars (with score)--on the use of extended techniques in guitar music in the European avant garde and American vernacular music decades earlier

October 2018
the post-Weinstein #MeToo era as a Donatist controversy for Western art religion

an interview by The Morning Invasion with Mark Driscoll got cancelled because Driscoll's people said there were questions he wouldn't answer

November 2018

guest piece at Mbird on the passing of Stan Lee and some thoughts on Spider-man

on Scott Joplin's piano music being among the canonical piano music in the Dover edition of The Classical Revolution

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