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Door of Hope Church/Redeemer Church (former Mars Hill Portland) merge moving forward

It’s Official – As of August 4th Door of Hope Elder Meeting - Door of Hope has jointly decided with Redeemer Church that their congregation will become part of DoH

See link for additional details -   (updated version)
For those who have never heard of Door of Hope church before just now (probably a few of you).

Articles of Incorporation date 7-9-2009
Administrative dissolution 9-3-2010
Reinstatement amended 8-30-2011
Amended annual reports dated 5-31-2012, 5-28-2013, 6-11-2014, 06-24-2015, 06-27-016
Amendment to annual report/info statement 3-8-2017
amended annual reports 06-20-2018 and 7-10-2018

President Joshua A White
Secretary James R Lacy

Now being a Presbyterian I admit I'm not the best person to try to dig into the history of real estate in Portland that may have more Baptist history but there's some coverage on Door of Hope as part of a somewhat long story about a church that has, well, a bit of a long story. That said, readers who have stuck with this blog from the very beginning may recall that Wenatchee The Hatchet grew up in Oregon so ... it's not like I can't look things up.  But to try to get a sense of what this recently chosen merge entails it may help to briefly revisit some Mars Hill history.

For people more familiar with the local history of what was once Mars Hill there was a West Seattle property that Mark Driscoll had wanted to launch Mars Hill that he was not able to get ahold of back when Mars Hill was founded.  Years later some Acts 29 associated men were leading a church plant that had ended up in that West Seattle real estate.  When Driscoll approached the men in leadership of what was Doxa at the time, Bill Clem and James Noriega agreed to let Mars Hill assimilate the West Seattle property and fellowship.  Mars Hill took on the operational and remodeling expenses incurred and added to the Mars Hill multi-site paradigm a piece of real estate Mark Driscoll had said from the pulpit he'd wanted for years. 

That's a thematic transition, because in the case of Door of Hope it looks like it's a church which is a johnny-come-lately to a piece of real estate with a complex history.  If it turns out that what used to be Mars Hill Portland has been on a decline in the last four years assimilating into that real estate site may be a pruden tmove in light of the complex and. according to at least one author, possibly shady means by which an old church in Portland ended up being able to be a home for Door of Hope to begin with.  With the caveat that any kind of counter-story or counter-account might be hard to pull up from up here in Puget Sound, here's a long-form account of how a historically black Baptist church ended up being the residence for a younger and mainly white church, the aforementioned Door of Hope that has agreed to add Redeemer to its flock and will reportedly take up the formerly Mars Hill Portland real estate.

Since we live in a world with too much TL:DR the take away is that Door of Hope and Redeemer are probably a relatively solid fit.  There's no indication Tim Smith is going to be an elder in any capacity at Door of Hope.  About 100 people from Redeemer are anticipated to join Door of Hope.  The last service for Redeemer is coming up this Sunday on August 12, 2018.

Having written somewhat extensively about the decline of Mars Hill Portland (now Redeemer) in the wake of Mark Driscoll's resignation in 2014,  I don't plan to recycle the numbers already mentioned.  It is ironic to consider that Redeemer has become the declining church that has voted to let a newer more up-and-coming church take up their real estate.  It would appear that the real estate Door of Hope came into earlier may have some baggage in historical terms.  Since Door of Hope seemed to already be in the Portland community by way of occupying an existing church it was a bit puzzling why it would need to be said that " Having Redeemer Church join DoH enables us to hold Sunday services in a building that aligns with our philosophy of being present in the local community, while joining with the people of Redeemer to make Jesus known in our city."

Grace City Portland ...

is the church that looks to stay at the Fremont building and there are plans on the part of Door of Hope to plant a church at that site along its mission aims. 

It's ironic that it's Mars Hill Portland as Redeemer that has voted to give its real estate to another church years after Mark Driscoll published his "Jesus Loves Church Mergers" pitch in which Mars Hill was the church to which dying churches with killer real estate and not enough money to keep them operational might consider giving their assets.

Smith isn't going to be an elder ... that just around100 are anticipated to join Door of Hope through the merger makes it sound like Redeemer's attendance or membership took a nosedive since the peak of Mars Hill circa 2012-2013.  It makes sense why the merger would be taken up for the former Mars Hill campus.  But it also, to go by the coverage linked above, might be a prudent merger for Door of Hope.  With questions as to how legitimately the real estate Door of Hope came into was obtained and conveyed further development in the Portland area might be on surer footing if it continued at a piece of real estate voted on to be given to DoH by a board, interim board, but if you read all the Atticus coverage there were some questions as to how above board the other real estate was handled.

So, anyway, such as it is, that's another update on what used to be Mars Hill Portland.  Whether or not Door of Hope has any SBC connections is something that perhaps industrious readers and commenters can help out with.  The usual warning applies that all comments kick straight into moderation and get published when I see them if I consider them appropriate to publish. 

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