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Mark and Grace Driscoll discuss the forthcoming Spirit-Filled Jesus in a 25 minute video on Youtube that went up yesterday

the big announcement ...


Twenty-five minutes in which to announce Driscoll's next book, Spirit-Filled Jesus.


That's old news, nearly a monthly old, as it goes, but the twenty-five minute video that dropped yesterday is full of excitement.

For the time being you can cut and paste the link if you want to go watch the whole 25 minute thing. 

As noted earlier, the prospect of Mark Driscoll writing a book called Spirit-Filled Jesus seems unnecessary even within the context of a charismatic or Pentecostal approach.  The idea that nobody's ever done a book "like this" before seems hard to take seriously, impossible, in fact.

It's not like within Pentecostal or charismatic contexts there's no such book as Gordon Fee's God's Empowering Presence where he went through all the texts that refer to the Holy Spirit. But then Driscoll at one point seemed to think it was new and innovative to come up with a sermon series book before the sermons were going to be preached ... as if writing sermons in advance was daring or innovative?  Some scholars think that the letter to the Hebrews is more accurately thought of as a sermon written in advance, so if that's the case we could say that sermons written in advance of the preaching is so old as to literally date back to a biblical document. 


At about 923 views with seven upvotes and twenty-five downvotes it's not looking like the video from Charisma House is going viral. 

For those who may have watched the video and wondered what comments referencing Driscoll's comments about women as "penis homes" could be, go over here.


The text of a few pages of "Using Your Penis" by Mark Driscoll on the old Mars Hill php discussion forum known as Midrash went up July 29, 2014.  Also included was a screen cap of the html formatting for the initial conversations sparked by "Using Your Penis".

For a comparison of what Driscoll wrote in 2000 as William Wallace II in "Using Your Penis" to what he wrote and said later in contexts such as Real Marriage, go over here.



RNS picked up the story, of course. 

Driscoll explains how “Spirit-Filled Jesus” was inspired by his own experience pastoring individuals with various painful and practical problems.
“People often turn to self-help, and self-help, quite frankly, is of no help,” said Driscoll. “What we need is the Spirit’s help. The Holy Spirit empowered the life of Jesus. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to empower our lives so we can overcome the same obstacles, live by His power and walk in his freedom and joy and that includes our emotional health, our relational health, our family and our ministry. ‘Spirit-Filled Jesus’ is an incredibly practical book that is rooted in deep biblical principles.”
Driscoll says the book also includes some painful parts of his and Grace’s own story that culminated in their family planting The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.
If there are any stories about a helicopter above the Driscoll house and a little buddy getting his Airsoft to defend the family against bad guys ... can Russ Bowen get a complementary copy to review that explains how it was not, sorry, wrong address, I dunno?  
Though back in 2014 the reply was "sorry, wrong address, I don't know." By 2015 ... that house may have turned into a house that "was" Mark Driscoll's house when he was talking at the Thrive Conference. Transcript provided courtesy of Warren Throckmorton.
Flashforward a bit ...
In 2016 Driscoll preached a sermon in which he mentioned something that happened to the house that he initially told Bowen was some kind of wrong address back in 2014.  Since ...
is a dead link ...
we'll have to settle for a transcript we made back in 2016 of the sermon when it was available to download.
I put my house on the market. I'm thinking, "Okay, my house will sell." I gotta go down and I'm--we can't get the kids into school. The school's are already full. We're there too late because the school districts are different between the northwest and the southwest. We're renting a place temporarily. All my stuff, all our stuff, is up in our place in Seattle. Our house is on the market. Our house is not selling. ...

and I was in Arizona trying to figure out what the next season of life looks like with elementary, junior high, high school, college and my phone alarm starts going off and I assume somebody broke in or whatever. So I send my realtor over. My realtor calls me and his voice is trembling and he sends me this photo. He said, "I'm standing at your house and here it is." [audience reaction of dismay, apparently at a photo] Yeah,that--that's my house. Or WAS my house. And a 200-foot tree fell on my house and crushed our bedroom. Our bed is under that rubble. If my wife and I were taking a nap at 1 o'clock on a Saturday we'd be dead.

So I flew up late at night. I go to the property all the power's out. I'm there with a flashlight. It's pouring down rain and I'm going through the rubble that is our home and I'm glad that nobody in my family died. And I'm thinking, "How--this is all my equity. This is what I was going to use to relocate and provide for my family. And, and here it is." And now I live in another state so how am I supposed to fix this?

I remember sitting at the house, actually, outside in the rain looking at what used to be my house.  I'm like, "Okay, Lord, this family is my responsibility." My stuff is in this house. My family is in another state. We don't have a permanent place to live. I can't find a school for my children. All of our equity and wealth is in a destroyed home and I'm unemployed. ...

And I remember just standing there in the rain just like, "Father, Dad, I need help now. I need wisdom. I need provision. I need a path forward. I accept responsibility for the well-being of my family. But how to proceed forward, Dad, I'm not entirely clear on. I could really use your help." And God's a good father and he has answered that prayer and He's taken care of our family. And, actually, the good news is we closed this  house last week and it got fixed and somebody bought it who was willing to take that off our hands and allow us to move forward with our lives.
It needs to be kept in mind that while Driscoll used the word "Seattle" the actual house he at one point had in Montlake went on the market in 2014.  It sold in December 2014 according to Redfin.
So it wasn't Mark Driscoll's house on 2904 Montlake Blvd E in 2015.  But if Driscoll were referring to the house in Woodway in a different county than the King County location of the actual Seattle house ... that just gets us back to what the qualms were about telling Bowen he had the right address but that Driscoll didn't want to comment.  Now it's good nobody in his family died or even got hurt, but Driscoll's evasiveness with Bowen about whether or not it was the right address is not something that the Mark Driscoll who talked to Mother Jones twenty years ago is going to be able to just live down.
By setting themselves up against their elders, postmoderns are ingeniously adding an anti-establishment spirit to their movement. "I really preach; it's not just three points to a better self-esteem," Driscoll says. "Megachurches have perfect services with perfect lighting. We're a friggin' mess." Driscoll delivers his sermons largely off-the- cuff, and refuses to follow a point-by-point outline like most pastors at megachurches do. "I'm very confrontational," he says, "not some pansy-ass therapist."
That was twenty years ago. Obviously things change. Sometimes what changes is the substance of the stories said for the record. 

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