Thursday, July 26, 2018

Antonio Jose - Sonata for Guitar

I am definitely planning on blogging about this sonata!  As much as I like and admire the Ponce guitar sonatas I often like this one more. 

Obviously I'm trying to bite off too much to chew, so to speak.  You can't just blog about a guitar sonata like this one, which is one of the more remarkable sonatas written for the instrument.  But it's one of the ones I hope to get to at some point in the next few years.   I'm partial to Marcin Dylla's recording of this work (who is such a great guitarist he's gotten me to enjoy the Ginastera guitar sonata which I have always hated and still kind of hate if anyone but a guitarist at his level is playing it!).  As in a few earlier cases, BC has posted a score-video, and so we're linking to it for educational purposes. 

A more in-depth discussion of Jose's sonata is in order but you regular readers already know how overdue I am to get back to blogging about Koshkin's 24 preludes and fugues. 

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