Monday, August 08, 2016

The Trinity Church relaunches to what seems to be an expressly press-free Sunday, reviewing the contrast between media-savvy press friendly Driscoll circa 2012 and now

Driscoll left Seattle after multiple allegations of wrongdoing, including that he bullied people within the church. A lawsuit followed with accusations of misuse of funds. Driscoll has called those false and malicious allegations without any merit.

He spoke about the last two years Sunday and mentioned his family.
"Our family is here because of a storm … a storm in our own life and in the middle of it, we prayed and God gave of his word to my wife and myself... at two separate times,” Driscoll said. “We surrendered to the Lord in the midst of our storm so that God could do work in us and move us to this place for mission.”

King 5 has noted that they were asked to stay outside the property by the staff and congregation. 
While Driscoll has had a history of refusing to do interviews it's been a while since he announced the occasion for which that newer approach to interviews in his career of public ministry has been in place.

A Blog Post for the Brits

by: Pastor Mark Driscoll on Jan 12, 2012 in Current Events
There is reportedly an article coming out in a British Christian publication that features an interview with me. As is often the case, to stoke the fires of controversy, thereby increasing readership, which generates advertising revenue, a few quotes of mine have been taken completely out of context and sent into the Twittersphere. So, I thought I would put a bit of water on the fire by providing context.


 I have a degree in communications from one of the top programs in the United States. So does my wife, Grace. We are used to reporters with agendas and selective editing of long interviews. Running into reporters with agendas and being selectively edited so that you are presented as someone that is perhaps not entirely accurate is the risk one takes when trying to get their message out through the media. ....

A lot changed since 2012.  The plagiarism scandal happened and if you are in the Seattle area and want to get a sense of what that was about there are half a dozen copies of Real Marriage that may well be first edition copies where you can, if you want, read through the whole thing to find out if Dan Allender's name was mentioned even once in that first edition.

There were half a dozen narratives presented by Driscoll since his resignation as to the why and wherefore of his resignation.  Those are discussed at some length over here:

Considering how in 2010 Driscoll gave six reasons why he wasn't going anywhere today's theme is half dozens.

Someone else shared tales of choppers and homes, one Jimmy Witcher.

Which home?  The one that someone who sounded like Mark Driscoll told Russ Bowen was a wrong address?  Well ... it managed to be Driscoll's house again when it was time to share a sympathetic story about how a windstorm damaged the house and had he been in the house at the time he could have died.

There might be reasons Driscoll would prefer to avoid talking to the press from Seattle given how many yarns he's spun in the last few years that could benefit (or not) from corroboration.

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