Saturday, July 30, 2016

Driscoll announcing the pending launch of The Trinity Church and the excitement of it, revisiting his 2010 "6 reasons I'm not going anywhere" message from six years ago

The multiple accounts of how and why he left Mars Hill Church withstanding ....

Throckmorton has noted a new video in which Mark Driscoll explains how things got to the point where he (Driscoll) is excited about the pending launch of The Trinity Church.

There was a Mars Hill presence in Phoenix a couple of years ago:
Changes at Some of our Churches
By: Pastor Dave Bruskas
Posted: Sep 07, 2014


Mars Hill Church Phoenix is announcing today that their last service as a Mars Hill church will be Sunday, September 28th. We are exploring opportunities for Pastor Tim Birdwell to continue the church in a different form and how we can best support that possible effort.

So a Driscollian influence within the Phoenix area isn't exactly a new thing.  But, Scottsdale is Scottsdale.

But then six years ago Mark Driscoll came up wit hsix reasons why he wasn't going anywhere and wasn't going to leave the Seattle area or Mars Hill.  ...

and for those who don't remember:

4.The multi-campus strategy we are using is sustainable and healthy. Being able to distribute as campuses of various sizes and personalities is a bit like the joy of being a father watching children with various resemblances but distinct personalities grow up. Having such a large team of elders, deacons, and members deployed across the campuses is a great relief to me as I see us taking better care of more people than we have ever been able to.

5.My heart is here. While I enjoy the opportunities for ministry that God grants outside of Mars Hill, were I allowed to only do one thing, I would easily and gladly choose to be an elder at Mars Hill, preaching God’s Word and shepherding God’s people. I have zero interest in doing anything other than being a pastor and have zero interest in being a pastor anywhere else. I am very content with where I am and what I am doing, and am very passionate about continuing to press forward together for more people worshiping Jesus more deeply.

Yes, the sustainability and healthiness of the multi-campus strategy employed by Mars Hill would seem to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt here in 2016 now that the campuses have become independent churches that, as time may show, can function without Mark Driscoll even living in the Seattle area.  Or ... we'll see how things go. 

Obviously a lot has changed since July 6, 2010.

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