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a follow up on Resurgence as distinct from Resurgence Publishing Inc. Turner warned in March 2012 MH was in a financial mess, but by May 2012 Resurgence Publishing, Inc was set up and Mars Hill Music was announced as the new Christian music label gunning to take over Christian radio.
For me personally, everything culminated at the end of 2006. Despite rapid growth, the church was not healthy and neither was I. My workload was simply overwhelming. I was preaching five times a Sunday, the senior leader in Mars Hill responsible to some degree for literally everything in the church, president of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network which had exploded, president of The Resurgence, an author writing books, a conference speaker traveling, a media representative doing interviews, a student attending graduate school, a father with five young children, and a husband to a wife whom I have adored since the first day I met her and needed my focus more than ever. [emphases added] I was working far too many hours and neglecting my own physical and spiritual well-being, and then I hit the proverbial wall. For many weeks I simply could not sleep more than two or three hours a night. I had been running off of adrenaline for so many years that my adrenal glands fatigued and the stress of my responsibilities caused me to be stuck “on” physically and unable to rest or sleep. After a few months I had black circles under my eyes, was seeing a fog, and was constantly beyond exhausted.

so by Mark Driscoll's account he was president of The Resurgence, whatever that was, during 2006.  He was blogging a bit in 2006 at The Resurgence.  There's tagged posts of some of the stuff he had to say about Jenna Jameson, Adriana Lima and ... there was kind of a pattern going there for a while. There was something about Oprah, of course, and something sorta tangentially associated with Ted Haggard that wasn't really about Haggard so much as Driscoll soap-boxing.. It became apparent that if given the opportunity to regard women in the modeling industry as industrious marketing representatives in the advertising industry (a la Suzy Parker) or as dumb women who can't spell the word "contradiction" that Driscoll chose the latter option.  But since Resurgence web pages seem to have been assimilated into Resurgence Publishing Inc. assets ...

Thank you for visiting the

Mark Driscoll Ministries recently purchased The Resurgence and all of its assets in a public auction conducted by a law firm. We are excited to reestablish this site, but it will be some time before we are able to catalogue and determine what will happen with the content. In the meantime, if you would like the latest information on The Resurgence and Pastor Mark Driscoll please visit The site contains his latest Bible teaching, speaking calendar, and an option to sign up for weekly updates via the newsletter. You can also follow @pastormark on twitter.

It would seem that while for a time there weren't robots.txt for a lot of the Resurgence links robots.txt may be back.

The Resurgence has not always necessarily meant Resurgence Publishing, Inc.  There has never been a UBI registered number for The Resurgence, so functionally it was essentially a subsidiary of Mars Hill.   Resugence Publishing, Inc. is now inactive.
UBI Number 603207560
Category REG
Profit/Nonprofit Profit
Active/Inactive Inactive
State Of Incorporation WA
WA Filing Date 05/17/2012
Expiration Date 05/31/2015
Inactive Date 09/01/2015
Duration Perpetual
President,Secretary,Treasurer,Chairman TURNER, JOHN 1411 NW 50TH ST

It used to be the Resurgence had an online bookstore through which you could get books, some of them being books from the Re:Lit imprint that was mostly, if memory serves, published via Crossway.

For sake of review there was this Re:Lit line of books ...

Re:Lit Books by Crossway include
Community: Taking Your Small Group off Life Support by Brad House  September 7 2011
Disciple by Bill Clem September 7, 2011
Note to Self by Joe Thorn
A Meal with Jesus by Tim Chester April 7, 2011
Redemption by Mike Wilkerson January 5, 2011
Rid of My Disgrace by Justin & Lindsey Holcomb January 5, 2011
Church Planter by Darrin Patrick August 12, 2010
Doctrine by Mark Driscoll September 1. 2011
Leaders Who Last by Dave Kraft February 3, 2010
Scandalous by D.A. Carson February 3, 2010
Religion Saves by Mark Driscoll June 5, 2009
Vintage Church by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears December 23, 2008
Death by Love by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears September 12, 2008
Total Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis August 21, 2008
Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears February 11, 2008

Turner recently stated:
In the lawsuit, Jacobsens/Kildeas state that I financially benefited from the sales of the Real Marriage This is completely false. As stated previously, my role of President of Resurgence Publishing began after the publishing of Real Marriage. Resurgence Publishing was not financially or contractually linked to the publishing of Real Marriage. Furthermore, I was not involved in the legal entity (On Mission, LLC) that did financially benefit from Real Marriage

Perhaps a more basic question could be asked, whether or not Real Marriage was made available in any way through the Resurgence online bookstore.  This would have been the easiest thing in the world to establish if robots.txt weren't in place and precluding the possibility of using something as simple as The WayBack Machine to prove that the book Real Marriage was never sold through the Resurgence online bookstore. For instance ... that James sermon series study guide was available at the old Resurgence online store, not that this link will work now.

But that's neither here nor there.

What's peculiar about the filing date of Resurgence Publishing, Inc is that it was May 2012. That's a couple of months after a memo Sutton Turner wrote that addressed the financial mess Mars Hill was said to be in in early 2012.  One of the comments in that memo was that the ReLit thing was not sustainable.
4. Mars Hill Music is not sustainable as currently operating.
5. ReLit is not sustainable as currently operating.

Whatever it was about Re:Lit that was not sustainable as currently operating is not clear.  Since the Re:Lit line of books was done through Crossway it's not even clear how it could have been unsustainable for Mars Hill if Mars Hill wasn't even the party publishing the books.  And if the Re:Lit line wasn't sustainable how was setting up Resurgence Publishing, Inc. going to make it sustainable? A libertarian might liken this situation to a government that decides that because the FBI failed to stop a catastrophe that a new department needs to be made to handle the situation, perhaps?

Whatever wasn't sustainable about the Re:Lit line of books that at one point had been published by Crossway, Resurgence Publishing, Inc. had a filing date of 5/17/2012.  That's two months after that memo on the financial mess Mars Hill was in. 

For that matter ...

Head’s up: we’re starting a record label, and we’re gunning to take over Christian radio.

In May 2012 somebody announced Mars Hill was starting a music label and they were gunning to take over Christian radio.  Whatever case was made for the Re:Lit line being unsustainable or the Mars Hill Music project being unsustainable.

One of the things Turner wrote in his March 17, 2012 memo was ...

19. Doing anything that is not Making Disciples, Training Leaders and Planting Churches is not

So how did the announcement of a nascent music label and the filing for Resurgence Publishing, Inc. fit into making disciples, training leaders and planting churches in a sustainable way if the Re:Lit line of books was already in some sense not sustainable in its then-current form?  Given that the fiscal year for Mars Hill was in the summer, the announcement of Mars Hill's music label and the creation of Resurgence Publishing, Inc. was within the fiscal year 2012 about which Turner had written that anything that wasn't primary mission needed to go.

But it can sure seem, looking back on things from 2016, that some stuff got started or announced anyway that had very little to do with the basic operations of Mars Hill.  Turner wrote in 2015 that when leaders make decisions you don't agree with you go along with it.  It's not inconceivable that somebody at Mars Hill's upper echelons of leadership was committed enough to keeping a book publishing project alive and a music label alive by dint of having cast those as part of the foundational vision from the dawn of Mars Hill that some form of those projects was expected to be kept on a back burner even if the front burner situation had changed.  Or that's an educated guess.


For those who may not remember, May 2012 was also when Dave Bruskas told MH people there had to be rough layoffs that were non-negotiable a few days after the Driscolls bought a house in Woodway.

so a bunch of people got cut loose in the first half of 2012 in the wake of Sutton Turner's March 2012 memo ... and yet Resurgence Publishing Inc. got started and Mark Driscoll was happy to announce the start of a Mars Hill music label? 

Of course Mars Hill Music circa 2012 became Mars Hill partnering with Tooth & Nail in 2013, so the music label thing was a bust again.  But it does keep us coming back to a question of why, if Turner was correct in noting how risky the financial situation was for Mars Hill by March 2012, the executive leadership was okay with announcing a music label in May 2012, the same month that Resurgence Publishing, Inc. got started, the same month people got laid off and that Mark Driscoll got a house in Woodway.  It seems hard to find a greater gap between institutional dread and personal ... optimism within the history of Mars Hill. A person could be forgiven for wondering if in some moments somebody in the leadership culture had a vision that was completely divorced from fiscal reality.

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