Saturday, August 23, 2014

a history of MH attempts at record labels 2009-2013 part 2: Mars Hill Music

On May 2, 2012, Mark Driscoll gave the world a head's up that Mars Hill Church was starting a record label.
Pastor Mark Driscoll
May 2, 2012

Head’s up: we’re starting a record label, and we’re gunning to take over Christian radio.

At the helm of the newly minted label, Mars Hill Music, is Deacon Jonathan Dunn, interviewed here by Pastor Mark. Dunn, a founding member of the heavy metal band Demon Hunter, spent a decade at Tooth & Nail/Solid State Records, and was the director of A&R when he felt God calling him to Mars Hill—"one of the top three things ever called to in my life," he says. And he’s got a big vision for Mars Hill Music and bands.

Bottom line, whatever you think has defined “Christian music” up til now, you can forget it: “We don’t limit our bands to the Christian cul-de-sac of U2 circa 1987,” says Dunn. [Editor’s note: Said with all due respect to Joshua Tree and U2, who have a solid contingent of fans at the church.] In short, it’s a label defined by Christ and culture and corporate worship.

By May 2013 the label Mars Hill Music would end up becoming part of a partnership, but a more formalized one than the partnership announced for Re:Sound about a year after it launched.  The partnership was going to get coverage.

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