Monday, April 20, 2015

as preaching content has gone online at Mark Driscoll Ministries some of the sermons may be shorter, a case study in the "Philadelphia" sermon from The Seven

Over at sermons from the old days are up and available for listening, though no longer for downloading like they seemed to be a couple of months ago.

Something else seems to have changed, too.  It's not that you won't hear a sermon or two referencing Mars Hill at this point, it's that some of the sermons are noticeably shorter.  Take the sermon from The Seven on the church in Philadelphia.  Over at

You'll see the run time for the sermon is 53:01.  But let's not kid ourselves, that seems kinda short for a Driscoll sermon, doesn't it?  Is that how long it was when he first preached it and the media was available?

or from

Because if you downloaded the sermon when it was preached back in 2012 the run time of the sermon was 01:04:33.  Where'd the eleven and a half minutes go that used to be in there?  Well, starting from 53:02 (wow, down to the second?) Driscoll went on to discuss the church financial update. 

It looked kind of like this:

The figures and trends were discussed some in the following post here:

The broader nature of the financial situation within the church and related correspondence got some discussion over here.

It would seem, at least at first glance, that the roughly eleven minutes sliced out of the Driscoll sermon was sthe stuff dealing with the financial state of Mars Hill in mid-2012.  The name "Mars Hill" isn't pervasively wiped out, but if the "Philadelphia" sermon from The Seven is indicative of changes that have come and may be to come, then whatever preaching content Driscoll makes available could be steadily scrubbed of any references to Mars Hill, the only church Driscoll has ever been a pastor at or even a member of so far.

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