Thursday, March 14, 2013

and Tim Gaydos, former lead pastor of Mars Hill Downtown, is gone

He had a relatively long run as campus pastors go but Tim Gaydos appears to be out of Mars Hill Downtown.

For a very brief bit of background
p 107/145

10.31.07 Member Communication - Oct 29 meeting
Pastor Jamie Munson

... On October 29, the elders approved and commissioned five new pastors of Mars Hill, with three more men awaitin gapproval and commissioning in the next few weeks.  As of Monday, Tim Beltz, Tim Gaydos, jon Krombein, Matt Johnson and Tyler Powell are official elders/pastors of Mars Hill Church. 

And here's a brief bit about his educational background.

Lead Pastor - Mars Hill Church Downtown Seattle
Mars Hill Church
Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry
October 2007 – Present (5 years 6 months)

Tim Gaydos' Education

The Master's College and Seminary
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), History
1994 – 2001

Now Gaydos' educational background is interesting because ...
... In 1985, John [MacArthur] became president of The Master's College (formerly Los Angeles Baptist College), an accredited, four-year liberal arts Christian college in Santa Clarita, California. In 1986, John founded The Master's Seminary, a graduate school dedicated to training men for full-time pastoral roles and missionary work.

During the years when John MacArthur ratcheted up his public fulminations about Mark Driscoll Mars Hill Church could point out that one of the men serving in a pastoral office inside the church had been educated at none other than The Master's College and Seminary.  How bad could the place be, one could propose, if a graduate from the college MacArthur had helmed was on board?

Whether or not Gaydos was canned or voluntarily resigned is not likely to be readily known.  There were mass layoffs in 2012 and Gaydos didn't seem to be among them.  He was around long enough to help the transition from the old Tabella to the new location.  So Mars Hill Downtown has a couple of things of note going on this last week, Munson's got his book on authority out and Gaydos is no longer lead pastor at Mars Hill Downtown.

Tomorrow will be a year after this incident, where David Drury was disinvited from participating in a screening of Holly Rollers at the Mars Hill Downtown campus.

So time will tell where Gaydos moves on to from here.  Regular readers will know that we got an update on Bill Clem's whereabouts in the last few weeks. 


For folks who want to keep tabs on who's where, this may still be good for a while.


Anonymous said...

The rumor mill at MHC|DT is that Tim isn't the only pastor who has left/plans on resigning. At least 2 others have been said to be leaving the campus, one of the names listed was Tim Beltz. The other pastor left quietly, with only an e-mail to certain members.

Andrew O'Brien said...

An update on Clem? How did I miss that? Can you fill me in?

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Andrew O'Brien, this earlier link may help with news about Clem.