Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4 months later, Mars Hill and Andrew in 2012

One of the strangest things about the kerfuffles surrounding a controversial story connected to Mars Hill, published in January 2012, is the story itself. Christian bloggers, critics, and journalists sounded off on this story in various ways. Yet it is, at its heart, a mundane though surely not insignificant story. Real people were involved.

We heard about this guy and this guy, see, he fell in love with a pastor's daughter. He was engaged to her and was physically intimate with her prior to marriage.  There was also this indiscretion, this infidelity that, when it came to light, caused a disastrous change in the relationship.  Things in the local church also suffered.

So let me ask you something, whose story was I just talking about?
Was it the story of Andrew and his fiancee?

Or was it the story of Mark and Grace Driscoll in Real Marriage?

Weird, isn't it?  This is purely a coincidence.  It is a coincidence so absurd that attempting to assign any meaning to it denies the darkly humorous beauty of its absurdity.